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George Clooney and wife Amal reportedly renew their vows in Italy

An insider reveals the details of their intimate ceremony.
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Now that’s amore! George and Amal Clooney looked like newlyweds as they snuck in a smooch during a romantic dinner date in Lake Como at the plush Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

An insider says Amal’s glam white gown was a dead giveaway that the happy couple – who will celebrate nine years of marriage in September – decided to renew their vows.

George and Amal enter the Town Hall of Venice in 2014 for their Civil Wedding.

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“Yes, it’s true, they’ve renewed their vows and everyone is absolutely ecstatic about it,” says a source of the stars, who share six-year-old twins Ella and Alexander.

According to the insider, George, 62, and Amal, 45, started the year in a less than happy place, but in the greatest irony, it was his gang of buddies who convinced the Ticket To Paradise star to put in the work on their marriage.

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“They’ve sorted out most of their issues – from who’s holding the babies to how they need to manage their work schedules,” the insider tells Woman’s Day.

“George and Amal were able to see through a load of small, easily fixable issues, thanks to a couples coach. It’s been nothing short of a miracle, and they’ve completely turned their marriage around.”

The couple were non-stop smiles at the Ticket To Paradise premiere in LA, October 17 2022.

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George admits he’s stopped sweating the small stuff when it comes to their marriage.

“As you get older, you’re kind of looking at things a little differently,” he says.

“Amal wants to paint the wall yellow. And if I was younger, I feel like that’s a stupid colour. And now you just go, ‘I don’t care. Who cares if a wall’s yellow?'”

Instead, the Oscar winner says his new marriage mantra is, “Let’s find all the things that we have in common and not worry about the little things.”

Clooney’s close friend Julia Roberts praises Amal’s positive influence.

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The couple’s good friend Julia Roberts says human rights lawyer Amal deserves “all the credit” for the couple’s enduring union, though.

“When we’re at their house I see the influence,” she says. “All wives kind of have a beautiful, loving influence over their husbands.”

And despite their issues in the past, George is just as much a fan of his spouse. “And they said it wouldn’t last,” he joked last year. “Everything about my wife is sort of magical.”

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