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Inside John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s shock split

After weathering the death of their son and decades of salacious rumours, the star couple have finally decided to end their 26-year marriage.
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Disneyland is known as “the happiest place on earth” – but it seems there was little joy when John Travolta took his seven-year-old son Benjamin to the amusement park last week.

the Grease star wandered the grounds looking downcast, onlookers were quick to notice he was without his wife of 26 years, Kelly Preston, and that his wedding ring was missing, too.

According to insiders, Kelly, 
55, had blindsided her husband just days earlier by declaring their marriage was over.

It’s a surprising development in a relationship that has survived not only the tragic death of their 16-year-old son Jett in 2009, but multiple rumours of cheating – and more – over close to three decades.

UPDATE: Kelly Preston has passed away aged 57, following a secret battle with breast cancer

John and Kelly with their kids Ella and Jett in happier times.

They lost Jett in 2009.

“Kelly’s sick of being the loyal wife – every time she feels like they’ve gotten through a rough patch, something else comes 
up,” a source close to the couple explained to Woman’s Day.

This time, that “something else” was a leaked police report in which John was accused of sexual battery against a male masseur 
in 2000.

The unidentified man – who claims John groped his bare buttocks – was 21 at the time.

Following Jett’s passing, the Hollywood couple surprised fans by confirming they were expecting their third child, Benjamin.

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While the officer investigating the alleged incident said in the report that “the details do not meet the elements of… sexual battery.”

No charges were laid, the claims were made public by US media two weeks ago.

In 2012, two other unnamed male masseurs filed similar sexual battery claims – later dropped – which shattered the star’s family-man image.

To make matters worse, John has been subject to multiple rumours linking him romantically to several men, including the couple’s male nanny Jeff Kathrein, whom the actor was snapped kissing in 2006, and former pilot Douglas Gotterbra.

In 2006, John was pictured kissing his children’s male nanny, Jeff Kathrein.

“When the latest claims 
against John were published, Kelly wasn’t even mad, she just felt exhausted,” the insider remarked, explaining what tipped the actress over the edge.

“John took this as a sign that their marriage isn’t worth fighting for anymore.”

Adding, “No one is sure if they’ll split for good or if they’re just taking a break, but John not wearing his ring while at one of the most photographed places 
in the world 
is a clear 
sign they’re 
in big trouble.”

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