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Our top 11 books that will make you want to start a book club

We've got your group reading list sorted!
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There is nothing quite like the feeling of losing yourself in a great novel.

Although there’s nothing better than a great read, books are even better when shared with friends.

While can only aspire to have a book club as iconic as Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton in Book Club: The Next Chapter, we’ve complied our top eleven reads that you and your friends just won’t be able to put down!

The Tea Ladies by Amanda Hampson

A wickedly witty cosy crime novel set in Sydney in the swinging sixties, The Tea Ladies by Amanda Hampson is bound to end your reading slump.

This novel is ideal for fans of Richard Osman and Bonnie Garmus.


The boys from Biloxi by John Grisham

Keith Rudy and Hugh Malco were childhood friends growing up in an area that was known for its beaches and resorts, however it was also corrupt, notorious for gambling, prostitution, drugs….even contract killings.

This is an unputdownable corkscrew of twists and turns where the friends grow up on different sides of the law and ultimately find themselves in a knife edge legal confrontation.


A Fairy Tale by Stephen King

As one of the greatest storytellers of our time, Stephen King doesn’t disappoint with this enthralling novel. The literary legend’s deepest, darkest imagination is fully exposed when his plot, centring around a 17 year old boy, inherits the keys to a parallel world where the stakes could not be higher as the powers of good and evil are at war!


Wish You Were Here by Karly Lane

Reggie MacLeod was brought up on a remote cattle property but longed to escape to live life in the city. But when her parents are badly injured in a car crash Reggie must return to help run the property and their newly launched farmstay business.

Three years on, Reggie is all but over it…until Tim Warbois checks in to one of the cabins! Easy to read and just the perfect level of cheese!


Wildflowers by Peggie Frew

Although Meg and Nina have been outshone by their younger sister since childhood, they’ve gotten used to their parents’ affections and interests always falling on charismatic Amber.

Yet, when Amber’s life doesn’t pan out how all thought it would, the three siblings find themselves together for the first time in years on a road trip to Far North Queensland to help her fight addiction.


The Three Lives of Alix St Pierre by Natasha Lester

As young Alix, desperate to forget her part played in the war, heads to Paris to rebuild her life and work as publicist for the House of Dior, she encounters a figure from her past that threatens to destroy her future.

Realising that it is only she that can right the wrongs of days gone by, she sets about bringing him to justice.


No Plan B by Lee Child and Andrew Child

When Jack Reacher witnesses a man shove a woman in front of a bus, he is thrown into the middle of a sinister and powerful secret conspiracy, where anyone posing a threat is quickly and permanently removed.

It’s Lee’s most gripping Jack Reacher novel yet!


The One and Only Dolly Jamieson by Lisa Ireland

When you meet a proud and gutsy heroine with an unbreakable spirit, you get Dolly Jamieson!

She’s 78 and spends her days keeping warm at the local library but she’s not homeless, she’s just between permanent abodes! A former star of the stage, Dolly’s life is a shadow of before.

But when library newcomer Jane Leveson shows an interest in Dolly, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship – and soon Dolly’s life takes another turn.


The Couple Upstairs by Holly Wainwright

The perfect beach read – set in the summer months but with a spooky twist! Five months after Mel told her husband to leave, a young man, who reminds her of a past lover, moves in upstairs.

However, when his girlfriend later joins him, Mel’s obsession with the couple gets out of control with devastating consequences.


The Long Weekend by Judy Nunn

This collection of six short stories makes perfect quick reading between dips in the pool this holiday season!

An addictive mix of suspense, history, romance, supernatural and mystery, find out what happens when a group of friends head off for a weekend in a remote mountain shack on a digital detox – or what’s going on in the house on Hill Street….


Wanting to share your reads with friends? Book Club: The Next Chapter is the perfect inspiration!

Slightly scandalous. Totally fabulous. The legendary quartet returns in #BookClub: The Next Chapter. Only in cinemas May 11!

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