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Barbershop of horrors: Worst male haircuts

Brad Pitt haircut

Brad Pitt’s new buzz cut has been the talk of Hollywood this week, but Brad isn’t the only male star to sport some unusual locks.

The A-list actor debuted his bizarre new look on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last weekend, quickly overshadowing the glamorous frocks Brad was surrounded by.

“It’s for a part, it’s not a choice” Pitt told red carpet reporters. The actor was referring to his new war flick Fury, which he’s making alongside Shia LaBeouf and Aussie actor Xavier Samuel in the UK.

While we wait for Brad’s sexy hair to grow back, check out these other celebs who have come off worse in a fight with the clippers.

“It’s for a part, it’s not a choice” Pitt told red carpet reporters about his new ‘do.

Blast from the past: Brad has been a big fan growing out his locks.

Thank goodness British babe David Beckham swapped the bleach for this sophisticated swept back look.

Old school sex symbol David Bowie has swapped the spiky carrot top for a more refined look.

Silver fox George Clooney proves that he only gets better with greys.

Viggo Mortensen’s shaggy locks have started to look a little shabby. Time for a trim perhaps Viggo?

Johnny Depp’s tresses sometimes toe the line between sexy and sleazy. Someone tell Captain Jack the locks on the left are in desperate need of some attention.

No, that’s not the lead singer of Nickelback on the left, but in fact baby-faced blood sucker Robert Pattinson sporting some serious peach fuzz.

Criminal Minds star Shermar Moore should arrest himself for this hair follicle faux pas. Less is more we think.

Christian Bale sported a Donald Trump style comb-over for his role in American Hustle. Thank goodness he went back to being his usual sexy self once the movie wrapped.

Bradley Cooper proved he was once a mere mortal too, with this blonde bomb! Thank goodness he’s ascended to Hollywood sex symbol status and will never try this again.

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