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EXCLUSIVE: Have Prince William and Kate Middleton joined the Queen in Balmoral for a sneaky summer escape?

An insider claims the couple have headed to Scotland.

By Woman's Day team
Despite all the problems plaguing the royals right now, nothing – not even a last-minute COVID scare – was going to get in the way of the family's traditional summer holiday to Balmoral.
Sources say the Queen welcomed the clan to the idyllic Highland estate earlier this month and it's been a full house as the family rallies around their matriarch, 95, who has hosted without her beloved husband Prince Philip for the first time.
"There was to be no talk of missing family members, no crisis summits, no room for misery.
"This was about family, and the Queen wanted to play grandma, or great-grandma in her case," says an insider.
The Queen arrived in Balmoral earlier in August. (Getty)
"It might not feel that way but they did have a lot to celebrate with new babies, new husbands and some, like Charles, surviving a very scary virus.
"A week of hunting, hiking and the great outdoors is just what they all needed."
And, it seems, romance too, as Prince William and Kate, both 39, took full advantage of the abundance of eager babysitters to spend some private time at their secret summer cottage, Tam-Na-Ghar, nestled in the most private spot on the estate.
"They absolutely love it there – it's their own special secret hideaway that no one knows about and they have some wonderful family memories there already," adds the insider of the three-bedroom dwelling.
"Everyone's had a tough year, but Kate was determined to get William's mind off his problems and relax.
"The Queen helped by arranging a full schedule of activities for the children, both outside and in the nursery.
"She even spent time spinning the wheel on a game of Twister for the kids!
"More importantly, it was the first time in a year that William and Kate were able to spend some alone time without any worries about their kids – or the ongoing feud with Wills' brother Harry."
It's fair to say this summer at Balmoral could have been a time to commiserate rather than celebrate, but insiders say the Queen and her brilliant quips averted any dark moments and it's been a reinvigorating success for the family.
Prince William and Kate Middleton are believed to have joined the Queen at Balmoral. (Getty)
"As the Queen had hoped, the holiday was a great reminder of the next generation and the importance of family," says the insider.
"Since losing Philip – and despite a year plagued by one scandal after the next thanks to her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, not to mention Prince Andrew – she is even more determined to instil the family traditions down the line.
"And, as usual, she pulled it off effortlessly."

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