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MAFS' Ines' explosive new claim about Sam in the bedroom will leave you speechless

He did WHAT for four hours!?

By Jess Pullar
Just when you thought Married at First Sight's Ines couldn't shock us any further on her very revealing Instagram account, she's now taken things to a whole new level.
Indeed, if her shocking affair with fellow MAFS participant Sam Ball wasn't enough, then came a slew of explicit Instagram posts by the brunette 29-year-old that were not only revealing, but some downright disturbing.
And now, her latest revelation is likely to leave you reeling - and searching frantically for the rewind button in order to unsee what our eyeballs just got subjected to.
But before we go into the alarming details, let's take a quick walk down memory lane for context.
Ines just shared something VERY revealing about Sam's bedroom behaviour. (Image: Channel Nine)
In early March, Ines shared a suggestive picture of herself on her Instagram story which showed her sitting on a bed and pulling up her top to expose her bare stomach.
This picture in itself wasn't all that surprising, but it was her wording that really caught our attention.
The MAFS star wrote alongside the picture: "Show your dad this. Guarantee you he wanna see it."
We'll opt to not show this one to our fathers... (Image: Instagram)
Ines then defended the picture, writing: "I'm really confused as to why it's 'inappropriate' for a women to express her sexuality?! Lol. Is this not my body? Do I not live in it? Lol."
"Why do we all love @badgirlriri give her praise, and respect for embracing her sexuality and being comfortable in her own skin? Is it because my platform & voice isn't as large? Or is it because you are threatened [sic]."
And practicing exactly what she preaches, just this week Ines shared another revealing picture of herself flashing her chest and writing: "When the MAFS cast are so desperate to make a headline they gotta tip the paps off to make a dollar out of you."
She continued: "Please don't act like you never seen a tittie before. Woman feed their children with these."
Yelp. (Image: Instagram)
The image was met with concern, including from fellow participant Lauren Huntriss who wrote in the comments: "Her behaviour is so concerning. It's like she's crying out for help".
After seeing the comment, Ines then took it upon herself to refute the comment - but in doing so, managed to unintentionally give Lauren's words even more merit.
"Lauren b--h shut your f---ing mouth and get back to rubbing your c---ring you absolute f---en desmond," Ines wrote via her Instagram story.
And now, it seems Ines has taken all of the above and multiplied it by 10 after sharing another nugget of info that we would be much happier to not know about, like ever.
Prepare yourself for this one... (Image: Channel Nine)
Responding to a Daily Mail story where Sam claims that the 'affair' between him and Ines wasn't real, Ines took it upon herself to clear things up.
Posting an image of the article on her Instagram story, Ines wrote: "Yeah. The producers made you eat my p--- for four hours hun. Yeh ok."
Yep, she went there.
This is a lot to take in. (Image: Instagram)
Her recent behaviour over the last few weeks on the social media platform has been nothing short of explosive, and with little regard for her cast mates, Sam and Lauren, we can only hope things calm down for the brunette from here on out.
And for now, we'll just be over here attempting to forget what we just saw...
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