Married At First Sight

Let's chat about the "Mean Girls" of Married At First Sight

Ines may have left and Susie may be showing some bullying traits, but Jessika and Martha are no saints either...

By Alex Lilly
It's safe to say that this year's Married At First Sight cast have been a wild bunch of characters.
We're only just over half way through the season and we've seen shady affairs, physical fights and a grown man lose his virginity on screen...sort of.
But there's one group of "mean girls" that everyone can't seem to stop talking about. And they conveniently like to hang out in the same group.
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With her controversial comments and lack of empathy displayed on the show, Ines quickly became one of the most villainous women in Australia.
Viewers threw their support behind her husband Bronson, especially after she cheated on him with Sam Ball.
Then after Ines' departure, we were introduced to intruder Susie who drove husband Billy to tears and branded him a liar after said he had sweetener in his pantry but didn't. I know, drama!
However there are two more ladies whose popularity has dipped substantially in the latest episodes and it seems like all four have become the "mean girls" of MAFS.
Ines may have left but Martha, Jessika and newcomer Susie seem to have their own little gang. (Image: Channel Nine)
At the previous dinner party, Jessika had tried to initiate an affair with Nic and when that didn't work set her sights on newcomer Dan, flirting so openly that even his new wife Tamara felt the need to mark her territory.
But at the end of Wednesday's episode, the blonde bombshell seemed to have well and truly given up on husband Mick and took things up a notch when she and Dan had a cheeky kiss away from the others. This second official 'affair' of the season even resulted with Dan asking her to stay in the experiment so they can get to know one another better.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's couple swap number two. (Image: Channel Nine)
Meanwhile Martha, who seems to be in the perfect relationship with hubby Michael, has also slipped down the popularity ladder.
With viewers making frequent comparisons to Kim Kardashian, Martha has been branded as "shallow", "vain" and "a gossip" on social media; ever since she allegedly spread the rumour that Nic was touching up Jess under the table inciting Cyrell and encouraging Jess to pursue other husbands.
Martha and Jessika have formed a close bond on the show. (Image: Channel Nine)
Ines, Martha and Jessika's friendship seems to be going strong even now that the cameras have stopped rolling. They pop up on each other's Instagrams frequently and Martha has publicly come to Ines' defence after the backlash she has received.
WATCH: MAFS stars Michael and Martha on what Ines is really like. Post continues...
"They both depend on each other for support," a friend confirmed to NW, adding they're in touch daily. "Ines now considers herself part of Martha's family."
That's one way to put it. Who can forget those shots of Martha and Ines locking lips in a Melbourne club?
And now the latest mean girl in the show seems to have joined their "club" - if Instagram is anything to go by.
Though they never met on the show, Ines left a very supportive comment on a recent selfie uploaded by Susie with the two even making plans to "catch up soon."
Welcome to the MAFS girl gang Susie. (Image: Instagram @susiepearll)
The girls have even been linked to the Plastics of the 2004 hit movie Mean Girls on social media with commentators quick to point out that Susie is the Cady Heron of the group.
Guess we'll have to see if this friendship outlasts any of the on-screen marriages.
Thoughts? (Image: Instagram @mafsfunny)

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