Married At First Sight

MAFS' Ines just flashed her chest on Instagram AND personally attacked Lauren and WOAH

Is everything OK, Ines?

By Jess Pullar
Just when you thought Married at First Sight's Ines couldn't get any more, erm, overt on her Instagram page, this happens.
Indeed the 28-year-old has had quite the running tally on her social media account following her shocking 'affair' with fellow MAFS contestant Sam Ball this year.
There was the raunchy "show your dad" pic that really didn't sit right, then there was that rumoured romance with controversial tennis star Nick Kyrgios, and now, we've got a topless selfie and a personal attack against a fellow MAFS participant.
It's a lot to take in.
Fans are concerned for the reality star. (Image: Channel Nine)
Taking to her Instagram on Tuesday evening, Ines shared a picture of herself revealing her chest (with a well-placed Hello Kitty character providing a little bit of coverage), along with the words:
"When the MAFS cast are so desperate to make a headline they gotta tip the paps off to make a dollar out of you."
She continued: "Please don't act like you never seen a tittie before. Woman feed their children with these."
Okay, wow. Just wow.
Um. (Image: Instagram / @innnnnnes)
And if that wasn't brow-raising enough in its own right, things got worse.
A seemingly concerned Lauren Huntriss, who was a fellow MAFS bride this season, wrote a comment: "Her behaviour is so concerning. It's like she's crying out for help".
Ines then shared some rather strong words with fellow participant Lauren. (Image: Instagram / @innnnnnes)
After seeing the comment, Ines then took it upon herself to refute the comment - but in doing so, managed to unintentionally give Lauren's words even more merit.
"Lauren b--h shut your f---ing mouth and get back to rubbing your c---ring you absolute f---en desmond," Ines wrote.
(GIF: Giphy)
We're not even sure what Desmond means, but it's probably safe to hedge our bets that it's not a particularly kind phrase.
On Wednesday morning, Ines, who was clearly inundated with comments and messages since the personal attack shared another message on her Instagram story, writing: I have received a huge influx of very kind supportive messages over night (some crap ones too but love always wins)."
She continued: "I would love to respond to all of your individually but I don't know it it would be good for my eye sight. So thank you to all of the very nice people. I love u very much xx"
Ines posted a this message to her story the following morning. (Image: Instagram / @innnnnnes)
We have questions:
  • What happened to her eye sight that's left her unable to respond to messages? I have bad eye sight but I can still average at least three hours of screen time a day (because dedication, ya know).
  • Love always wins? Yes Ines, that was very apparent when you delightfully called Lauren a 'Desmond'.
  • Seriously, what is a Desmond??
Stay tuned - we're pretty sure we haven't seen the last of this one just yet.
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