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MAFS: Umm... did Nick Kyrgios just respond to Ines Basic's Instagram flirting?

Game, set, MATCH made in heaven!

By Anita Lyons
Just this morning, we reported that Married at First Sight star Ines Basic was flirting up a storm with Nick Kyrgios.
In screenshots exclusively obtained by NW, Ines used her now infamous "chicken hatch" emoji, with a cheeky "hello" on a selfie taken by the tennis pro.
And now, it seems the pair cannot contain their excitement for one another - or the fact that we're actually reporting on this - as they continue to openly flirt for all of the world to see!
In fact, this time, it was Nick who used emoji's to get the reality star's attention.
In a post on her grid, Ines shared a pic (very similar to the one she putting in her story with that caption) with the caption:
"bed is hobbies because it means cuddling [sic]" she wrote with the cutest teddy bear emoji.
And lo and behold, Nick went and added the same "teddy bear" to a picture on his story, of him laying in bed.
Is this love? TRUE LOVE?
See below for yourself!
"bed is hobbies because it means cuddling [sic]"
We see that teddy bear, Nick! (Source: Instagram)
But it doesn't end there.
Taking to his Insta story again (sorry, but does he not have training to attend to?), Nick posted a tune he was listening to on Spotify - Sad! by XXXTentacion.
Feeling a bit flirty a few hours later, Ines then posted a pic of her walking through a street looking forlorn with the SAME song playing over the top. GASP!
There's no word on if the pair have actually even met - but we fell after these exchanges, a meeting is definitely on the cards!
Nick posted Sad! by XXXTentacion. (Source: Instagram)
Ines responded to Nick by using the same song. (Source: Instagram)
So would she? or wouldn't she?
Talking to NW a source told the mag: "While she's obviously a little hesitant to invest in a relationship just yet, Nick is definitely her type of snack!"
"Nick knows what he wants and how to get it, and he's good at what he does. And Ines loves a man who can get what he wants."
Unlike her stripper ex Bronson Norrish, the fiery tennis star could be a game, set, match for the firecracker. After all, the "bad boy of tennis" does share Ines's temperament.
We'll just have to see how this one plays out!
Ines and Nick could be a cute couple, don't ya think? (Source: Instagram/Getty)

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