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Married at First Sight’s Ines causes a racket with Nick Kyrgios

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Just last week, man eater Ines was snapped pashing her BFF MAFS bride Martha at a Melbourne club.

Now, in her latest quest for love, the 28-year-old has set her sights on tennis star Nick Kyrgios!

In screenshots exclusively obtained by NW, Ines is caught dropping suggestive comments on Nick’s posts – including her now-famous “hatching chicken” emoji on a shirtless snap!

Though the posts have since been deleted, a source close to Ines confirms she’s super smitten!

“While she’s obviously a little hesitant to invest in a relationship just yet, Nick is definitely her type of snack!” the source dishes.

“Nick knows what he wants and how to get it, and he’s good at what he does. And Ines loves a man who can get what he wants.”

Unlike her stripper ex Bronson Norrish, the fiery tennis star could be a game, set, match for the firecracker. After all, the “bad boy of tennis” does share Ines’s temperament. Despite Nick’s no-show replies to Ines’s public advances, our source is certain the legal assistant has slid into his DMs.

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Ines using her very famous “chicken hatching” emoji. (Source: Instagram)

The thirst is real! (Source: Instagram)

And Instagram seems to be where the action is happening for Ines these days.

Just this week she took to her Instagram on Sunday evening, Ines shared a suggestive picture of herself on her Instagram story which showed her sitting on a bed and pulling up her top to expose her bare stomach.

But it wasn’t the staged image itself that surprised us – in fact it’s all-too-common to see people use the social media platform as an amateur modelling portfolio.

No, it was the wording that really caught our attention.

The MAFS star wrote alongside the picture: “Show your dad this. Guarantee you he wanna see it.”

Ummm, this might be crossing a line.

I think we’ll safely opt to not show this to our fathers, thanks. (Image: Instagram)

Then the reality star defended herself against the post and uploaded a response to the backlash on her Insta story.

“I’m really confused as to why it’s ‘inappropriate’ for a women to express her sexuality?! Lol. Is this not my body? Do I not live in it? Lol,” she wrote.

“Why do we all love @badgirlriri give her praise, and respect for embracing her sexuality and being comfortable in her own skin? Is it because my platform & voice isn’t as large? Or is it because you are threatened [sic].”

Unfortunately, we think Ines might be missing the point just a little…

Ines questioned the backlash to her saucy pic. (Source: Instagram)

One thing is for sure, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Ines’ social accounts for more flirty behaviour!

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