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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Martha & Ines spotted getting cosy in a Melbourne club

Is this the sauciest MAFS scandal yet?
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Martha Kalifatidis was always up for ditching her Married At First Sight husband, Michael Brunelli, if things went south.

“If you’re not feeling something with the person that you’ve been matched with, I think it would be natural that you start to look elsewhere,” she tells NW.

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And could that roving eye of hers landed on her MAFS BFF, Ines Basic?

The pair shocked onlookers at a Melbourne club last month, when they were spotted having a little bit of fun – stealing some cheeky kisses with one another on a night out celebrating Ines’s 29th birthday.

“They were all over each other,” says a fellow clubber. “They were loving the attention.”

The pair shocked onlookers at a Melbourne club last month! (Source: Diimex)

So was this all just for show?

It’s no real surprise that Martha and Ines aren’t afraid to flaunt their sexuality.

Martha, 30, who is not shy about serving up suggestive poses on Insta – has been boasting about marathon sex sessions with husband Michael, 27, telling NW, “Sex is a massive part of a relationship.”

And Ines, of course, joked on screen about group sex with the other MAFS couples.

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It’s no real surprise that Martha and Ines aren’t afraid to flaunt their sexuality. (Source: Diimex)

“I wouldn’t be 100 percent sure about her hooking up with other girls,” spills a spy.

“She’s very bold and forward, and was known for preying on men already in relationships,” referring of course to her on-screen tryst with MAFS co-star Sam Ball.

And it seems Ines and Martha have been inseparable in recent weeks, even posting selfies together on Instagram!

The pair are looking more and more alike each day! (Source: Instagram)

Martha, who’s believed to have ditched Michael and has been seen out and about sans wedding ring, has been publicly defending show villain Ines, calling her “sweet, warm and caring”.

And it’s clear Ines has been leaning on Martha as she faces backlash about her bad-girl behaviour on the show.

“They both depend on each other for support,” confirms a friend, adding they’re in touch daily. “Ines now considers herself part of Martha’s family.”

Ines and Martha with a friend at Ines’ birthday party. (Source: Instagram)

Others are speculating this could be nothing more than a faux-mance designed to extend the girls’ 15 minutes of fame. After all, Ines has admitted she’s got her eye on the good life.

“I just like nice things,” she tells NW. No wonder she’s picked Martha!

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