Which contestants have been eliminated from Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 so far?

Some ruthless cuts must be made to find their wife.
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A brand new love-filled season of Farmer Wants A Wife is back for 2024, with five unlucky in love farmers searching for ‘the one.’

Finding ones soulmate is no easy feat, especially while living on a remote rural farm. The new farmers, Bert, Dean, Joe, Tom and Dustin are hoping the reality dating series will help find their wife as FWAW has done for countless other farmers in the past.

farmer wants a wife who left 2024
Five farmers are looking for love.
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In order to discover which city girl truly has what it takes to live on a farm – not just for aesthetics – the contestants must undergo the trials and challenges of a farmers live. While enjoying the odd romantic date of course.

Each farmer began with eight contestants fighting for their hearts, but only five women returned to the farms. From here, the eliminations only became more brutal as the farmers search for their soulmate. Five out of six farmers have found ‘the one’, leaving only Joe to make his decision.

Continue scrolling to discover which contestants have been eliminated from FWAW 2024.


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Grace made it to the final two, but unfortunately was not selected by Farmer Todd.

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After a night out in the city, Todd was told last-minute by host Samantha Armytage that he would have to eliminate one girl in the race for his heart. Unfortunately, this was Jacinta.

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Jamira (left), Anna (middle), Mollie (right)

After Todd’s surprise entrance into the series, he was quickly made to decide which five of the eight girls he would bring back to the farm. Sadly, Jamira, Anna, and Mollie were sent home.


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After fighting the friend-zone fears, Anna built a strong connection with Farmer Dustin and even made it to the final two. Sadly, the farmer felt his heart was “leading him another way.”

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Unfortunately, Chloe decided the farm life wasn’t for her and chose to leave the competition for Dustin’s heart.

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While Dustin was impressed by Isobel after voicing her concerns that she hadn’t been selected for a date, the farmer sadly couldn’t see a future in her.

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Kara was unfortunately eliminated in the competition for Farmer Dustin’s heart after a double date with him and fellow contestant Anna.

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Kianah (left), Bec (middle), Felicity (right)

Felicity, Kianah and Bec sadly didn’t make it to Dustin’s farm following the speed dates.


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In one night, Farmer Dean said goodbye to two girls, including Tiffany, in preparation to confess his love to Teegan. Dean was only on FWAW for six episodes before finding ‘the one.’

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Bella was sadly the second contestant Farmer Dean granted farewell to in order to start a relationship with Teegan.

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Feeling that the connection between Farmer Dean and fellow contestant Teegan was too strong to compete with, Hayley made the decision to leave the series.

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Kate was selected to go on the double date with Tiffany – she was unfortunately eliminated.

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Chloe (left), Danae (middle), Jayden (right)

Jayden, Chloe and Danae didn’t make it past the initial speed dates and therefore didn’t return to Dean’s farm.


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Towards the end of the season, Bert made the difficult decision to leave FWAW early, no longer capable of balancing the farm and finding a relationship. Karli was one of three remaining girls on the farm.

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Brooke was one of the intruder suitors on FWAW, and one of the remaining girls on Bert’s farm when he decided to exit early.

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Cailtin was unfortunately one of the three girls on Bert’s farm when he decided to exit FWAW early and single.

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Lauren, the more shy personality of Bert’s group, felt insecure about her connection with her farmer considering the competitive environment of the reality TV series. While Bert met with two girls, hand picked by his mum, Lauren crashed the date and revealed her decision to leave FWAW. We had high hopes for this pairing!

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Unfortunately, Caity has left Bert’s farm.

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Farmer Bert selected April and Lauren to go on a romantic double date – unfortunately April was the one to leave the contest.

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Olivia (left), Morgan (middle), Ruby (right)

Morgan, Ruby and Olivia didn’t return to Bert’s farm after the speed dates.


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Calya’s feelings regarding farm life, and whether or not she could see herself living there, were somewhat exposed by a fellow contestant. After a deep discussion with Farmer Joe, she decided to leave the competition.

“I felt so good after our date and I was here and present, but then after the days of processing… I’m just so focused on what I want to achieve. I don’t see myself full-time on a farm,” she said.

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From the very first interaction, Susie and Joe were undeniably smitten with one another. So it was just as heartbreaking for fans as it was for Joe when she revealed the farm life wasn’t for her. The shock departure resulted in Joe putting up his walls…

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Chelsea and Keely were selected to go on the double date. Sadly, Chelsea is no longer in the competition for Joe’s heart.

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Alice (left), Taylah (middle), Jen (right)

Alice, Taylah and Jen sadly didn’t not make it past the speed dates with farmer Joe.


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Krissy made it to the final two on Tom’s farm. Unfortunately, Tom decided to leave the show in a relationship with Sarah.

“I did not see this coming, I had to kind of back it and believe it. I was obviously pretty confident in that connection,” Krissy said at the time.

“I’m shocked it takes a lot to be vulnerable with someone and get to that point where you’re open to it.”

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Sarah A

Unfortunately, there was no spark between Sarah and Tom.

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After some romantic solo dates, Farmer Tom eliminated Taylah in the race for his heart.

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Abby went outside of her comfort zone in the double date with Tom and Taylah – but unfortunately wasn’t selected to continue in the show.

“I might be 21 but I know what I deserve and I know my standards,” she said while leaving the farm, visibly upset by her Farmer’s decision.

It was an awkward exit for Abby and Tom, as she didn’t even say goodbye…

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Emma (left), Holly (middle), Laura (right)

Unfortunately for Emma, Holly and Laura, they were not selected to go back to Tom’s farm after the speed dates.

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