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Married at First Sight's Susie hits back at the haters: "I'm no Ines"

Susie says that viewers are forming opinions based on only "seven percent" of what actually happened!

By NW team
Step aside, Ines Basic, there's a new diva in town!
Just when we all thought Married At First Sight couldn't possibly produce a villain as good (or bad) as Ines, straight-shooting Susie Pearl waltzed in on her very high horse.
It's barely been five minutes since the 25-year-old walked down the aisle, but the young mum has managed to ruffle the feathers of just about everyone, not least her groom, Billy Vincent.
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Ask sassy Susie if she's to blame for the fireworks between her and Mr Nice Guy and she's quick to set the record straight.
"Viewers are seeing about seven per cent of 100 per cent of mine and Billy's time, and they are forming their opinions on that and that's not enough to form an opinion on... so cut me some slack," she fires.
"I'm not as bad as people think I am!"
While the blonde bombshell appears to be in damage control over her constant slagging of Billy and her comparisons to OG villain Ines, a source close to the Brisbane nurse says that, behind the scenes, she's suffering.
"The trolling and the constant bullying has really started to affect her, she's not coping well," the source tells.
Susie during the hometown visits at Billy's house. (Source: Channel 9)
Social media has run rampant with comparisons between the two brides, with some suggesting Susie should be booted.
"Susie is just Ines with kids," wrote one user. "She's absolutely toxic, Susie's Baby Daddy is watching this pissing himself laughing at the bullet he dodged," wrote another.
According to our source, Susie is mortified to even be mentioned in the same breath as Ines, and was reportedly appalled by her fling with Sam Ball.
"Susie definitely just wants nothing more than to be a good mother," the source tells. "There's more to her than what we're seeing."
Susie and her daughter, Baby. (Source: Instagram)
While she may not want to have a reputation like Ines, the pair have found solace in one another and have become fast friends.
In fact, firming up their friendship, Ines took to Susie's Instagram last Sunday, leaving a few comments on a selfie.
Susie posted a beautiful selfie to her gram. (Source: Instagram)
No caption needed. (Source: Instagram)
"Susie I love you so much," Ines wrote.
"Let's catch up soon babe," Susie then replied.
"10000% honey!" Ines then responded.
Looks like they may just have a little more in common then they thought!
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