Bachelor in Paradise

Read Elora's fake letter from "American Jarrod" (aka Eden, or maybe someone else!)

Wait WHAT?!

By Chloe Lal
Last night something shocking - nay something terrible - happened on Bachelor In Paradise.
No, it isn't sweet angel Michael Turnbull realising he'd be rejected on a reality show for a second time.
Obviously it's not the fact that Luke McLeod and Lisa Hyde walked away from island life to pursue their relationship...
Only for Luke to cheat of Lisa thus ending what could have been the next Sam and Snez (OK, we're reaching with that one).
We're addressing the cruelest prank to happen on an "Australian love-related dating show that takes place on in a tropical location".
Sophie, Love Island take note - do not do this!
Following Elora's full-blown Mean Girls possession, or as you'd remember her fight with Simone over magic man Apollo, the Tahitian-beauty faced yet another hurdle.
She was given a love letter, that she was lead to believe was penned by American Jarrod.
Turns out after dumping Nina, Eden decided to raise the stakes in being a bit of prick, revealing he was in fact the author of the love letter.
Why would he do such a thing? We're guessing island fever is playing tricks on his mind.
He's since apologised in a very lengthy Instagram post.
"It takes a strong person to apologise and an even stronger person to forgive," he began.
"The letter prank although at the time seemed like a harmless joke did bring a lot hurt and I'm sorry @eloratahiti for that."
"I take responsibility for my actions, We all make mistakes, and I'm sorry for the one I made tonight. It didn't come from a place of jealousy or malice."
Before continuing, "So, that being said, I just wanna take a minute to say I'm not gonna turn off my comments because people at home are invested and if you want to express yourself through messages of hate, feel free to below."
Concluding, "Get it all out guys so we can move past this. For those who sent me kind messages, I appreciate it. Peace & love"

Now, new reports suggest that larger forces were also at play...
Time to put the spotlight on Bachelor In Paradise's power couple Sam and Tara.
The Daily Mail have a well-placed insider, who shared, "Sam and Tara wrote the letter with Eden. They even admitted to helping Eden on camera, but it would have ruined their image if it got played."
"In the end, Eden took the fall for them all! Wouldn't want to taint the image of this season's golden couple."
We're not too sure what to believe, but one thing we do know - what was written in Elora's love letter.
So here it is in its entirety!

Elora's love letter from American Jarrod that was actually written by Eden (with some input for Sam & Tara)

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