Guess the celebrity beach body!

Which celebrity spends a little too much time in the sun or has an endless supply of fake tan?

Which celebrity has a body this toned, she can get away with this tiny bikini?

This celebrity obviously works out, but who owns this extremely fit body?

Which celebrity looks this good at the beach, even when she is half covered up?

Which super model is having a little trouble getting back on board her boat?

Which singer owns this pretty pink bikini?

Which yummy mummy does this toned body belong to?

Which model, who is looking a little burnt across her shoulders, enjoys taking a walk along the pier?

Which celebrities seems to be enjoying some sea-side loving?

Which celebrity enjoys chilling out pool side?

Which singer takes time out to sun bake on her boat?

Which celebrity couple owns these two hot bodies?

Which tattooed celebrity took time out to relax at the beach recently?

Which superfit celebrity dad took to the beach with his kids?

Which funny man took a dip in Hawaii recently?

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