Alec Baldwin is on trial for the fatal 2021 incident: Here is where to watch the court case in Australia

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While rehearsing for a shootout scene on the set of indie Western movie, Rust Alec Baldwin was holding a customised Colt .45 when he allegedly fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

And so, his involuntary manslaughter trial began.

Alec was filming Rust when the incident occurred. (Credit: Getty)

In January 2024, he entered a ‘not guilty’ plea and trial for the State v Alexander Rae Baldwin case officially began on July 10 in the United States.

It was a tragic story that ensnared the international community when the incident first happened in 2021. Now, people from around the globe are tuning in to watch the trial held in the Santa Fe County District Courthouse live online and on TV, captured by court TV cameras.

Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer’s has planned for the trial to end on July 19 – but as for the jury will deliberate on the verdict remains unknown.

Below we answer some of your burning questions regarding the case, including where to watch Alec Baldwin’s trial in Australia.

Alec’s trial began July 10 in the US. (Credit: Getty)

Why is Alec Baldwin in court?

On October 21, 2021, Alec was handed a Colt .45 by Rust assistant director David Halls which was supposedly checked to be safe – which David later testified that he hadn’t checked it properly.

It is alleged that while in rehearsal for a scene, Alec pointed the weapon at the camera when it suddenly fired and a live round hit Halyna Hutchins, wounding director Joel Souza. Joel recovered, while Halyna was pronounced dead hours later.

Alec alleged he did not pull the trigger, but the weapon fired on its own. However, FBI and independent forensic investigators have said the gun couldn’t fire without the trigger being pulled.

In the case, Alec has been charged with involuntary manslaughter (negligent use of a firearm) and involuntary manslaughter (without due caution or circumspection), without bail for more than two and a half years. If found guilty, Alex could go to jail and be charged with a fine.

The trial is being filmed live. (Credit: Getty)

Where to watch the livestream of Alec Baldwin’s trial in Australia:

The trial has been streamed live via many YouTube channels. Day One has concluded, and we suspect there will be eight more days in the trial if the proceeding aligns with the Judge’s schedule.

Australian’s interested in the case can stream the case – including what has already been shown – on Court TV, LiveNOW from Fox, and Law&Crime Network.

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