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The Bachelor’s final four speak up after Elly’s shock elimination

After Elly’s sudden elimination, anyone could win astrophysicist Matt Agnew’s heart...
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And then there were four…

It was a moment that shocked Australia, but when The Bachelor sweetheart Elly Miles was sent home from the mansion on Wednesday evening, it meant one thing for the remaining four – the competition is getting tight.

Now, the final contenders have opened up about how they’re feeling as the finale fast approaches, and there’s no denying emotions are high.

Abbie, 23

It’s impossible to deny the property analyst has been this season’s most controversial contender.

“It’s been a bit like The Abbie Show,” Abbie says.

But she insists that while her actions haven’t made her popular with the other girls, they’ve all been about making it work with Matt.

“I’m here for Matt,” the Brisbane contestant tells.

Controversial contender Abbie is adamant she’s “here for Matt”.

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“We have an incredible connection, which hasn’t always been shown on screen. We’ve had lots of great chats, we have a very similar sense of humour and I can definitely feel myself falling in love with Matt.”

Abbie says she and Matt have even discussed the M word!

“We’ve had multiple discussions around marriage – and kids,” she adds.

“We’re on the same page. I wouldn’t do a single thing differently because I’ve become so close to this amazing man.”

Helena, 25

If he didn’t gel with my family, that would be a deal-breaker.”

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Level-headed Helena says it’s too far-fetched to say she’s “madly in love” with Bachelor Matt just yet.

But she admits the chemistry she shares with ‘the hot nerd’ is off the charts!

“There’s a spark between us,” the health coach from Perth says.

“He’s a great kisser, he’s very passionate and I’m definitely developing strong feelings for him.”

The possibility Matt will fit in with her close-knit family – Helena says she, her mum and her sister are especially “joined at the hip” – also cemented her attraction.

“I can see him fitting in with us all so well. If he didn’t gel with my family, that would be a deal-breaker,” Helena adds.

But, she hopes it won’t come to that.

“It feels like I’ve known Matt forever and the fact that he’s so grounded, intelligent – and hot! – is very appealing.”

With marriage and three kids on Helena’s schedule, could she and Matt be a perfect match?

WATCH: Matt and Helena’s one-on-one is interrupted… awkward! Story continues after video…

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Emma, 32

She’s been cruelly labelled a ‘stage five clinger’, but Irish-born Emma explains that she’s worn her heart on her sleeve to be honest and open with Matt about her feelings.

“I opened up with Matt about what I wanted from the outset because that’s what he wanted,” the brand manager from Sydney says.

“I don’t accept that made me a clinger. He and I are at the same stage in life where we know we want to get married and have kids sooner rather than later, and I was simply laying it all out there.”

Emma says that Matt is easy to share secrets with, and it was this openness and his “great head of hair!” that was attractive to her.

“I think all of Australia know how I feel about Matt by now. I’ve put myself out there and it’s so scary to think I could get my heart broken, but he’s worth the risk.”

Emma is willing to risk it all when it comes to Matt!

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Chelsie, 28

“My feelings for Matt are definitely a lot stronger than any I’ve experienced before.”

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From the moment they met, Chelsie’s chemistry with Matt has made her a firm favourite to win his final rose.

“It’s quite a lot of pressure, actually,” Chelsie admits.

“But you can’t deny our connection. Matt’s very different to the guys I’ve dated in the past – on so many levels. We share an intellectual connection as well as a physical attraction, too. My feelings for Matt are definitely a lot stronger than any I’ve experienced before.”

The chemical engineer says that for her, Matt is the whole package.

“He has amazing eyes, but I’m actually really attracted most to his personality. He’s very patient and understanding – and yes, he’s a really good kisser!”

The pair have already discussed taking their relationship into the real world.

“We both live in Melbourne, so there’s no huge hurdles for us to get past. There’s nothing blocking our way at all!”

WATCH: Matt can’t wipe the smile off his face with Chelsie:

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The competition is getting tight!

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