Where to find every single Bachelor Australia 2019 contestant on Instagram

Selfies, pouts and bikinis oh my!

By Anita Lyons and Erin Doyle
We're counting down the days until we get to see astrophysicist Matt Agnew handing out the roses to the bevy of beauties vying for his heart on The Bachelor Australia this year.
And with Network Ten already revealing several of the soon-to-be reality stars, we couldn't help but have a sneaky stalk of their Instagram accounts.
While we know some of the beautiful women boast just as much as smarts as the hunky astrophysicist himself – and others, well, we know one's a Gemini! – we can not wait to see what they post about other aspects of their lives.
From Kristen, 24, who has just returned to Queensland from a stint in China, to NSW-based Sogand, who teaches Matt to speak Persian upon their first meeting and Helena whose French accent leaves Matt infatuated, these girls have beauty and charm in spades.
So fingers at the 'follow' - here is every single Instagram account for The Bachelor Australia 2019 contestants!