Barracking for the bling: All the fashion hits and misses on Bachelor Australia

Prepare your eyeballs.

By Jess Pullar
Ah, Bachelor season. A glorious time where one never has to question what to watch on television.
A time when office sweep stakes give rise for lengthy episode rundowns with co-workers as a dead set priority.
A time when popcorn, Maltesers and a hearty dose of wine is absolutely acceptable on a Wednesday night (actually, it should be acceptable on any night TBH).
When you think about it, is there anything not to love about this time of year?
Well, now that you mention it, there is one small snag that our eyeballs are painfully subjected to year after year, and it's not for the faint-hearted.
Yep, those wild, risqué and ever-questionable outfits. And boy, have we already got some whoppers this year.
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This season, Matt Agnew met a multitude of ladies who were keen as beans to steal his heart.
But there's another thing aside from Matt's biceps that we just can't take our minds off, and it's all to do with the wardrobe department.
We've already got questionable cut-outs, sheer schmozzles and even a real-life dancing woman emoji.
All we can say is thank the sweet stars for at least some saving graces in the mix.
That being said, don't expect Oscar de la Renta folks - keep scrolling as we round up all the fashion hits and misses from The Bachelor 2019.
WATCH: Meet Matt Agnew, our 2019 Bachelor. Gallery begins after video...