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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Monique takes aim at Matt: "You look like trash on TV"

The eliminated Bachelorette does not hold back!

Matt Agnew previously described Monique Morley as "the whole package".
But in tonight's explosive episode of The Bachelor Australia, the astrophysicist sent the blonde packing after it was rumoured she'd called him a "disrespectful pig".
While Monique insists it was a joke, she stands by the fact she considered Matt's behaviour on the show "disrespectful".
Here, the star opens up about her dramatic exit, her thoughts on rival Abbie and whether she'd be open to appearing on Bachelor in Paradise
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Monique left the mansion after being asked to leave by Matt. (Source: Network Ten)
He was grilling me and I was like, 'I can't say any more. You either take it or leave it.' To be honest, I was pretty disappointed the way he spoke to me.
What would you say to Matt now?
I probably wouldn't talk to him if I saw him. I don't have people in my life that give me negative energy. I would be wasting my time. I'm not a fake person.
I am happy to be the bigger person but to be friends with her? Absolutely not.
Matt had the feels for Monique, but ultimately couldn't trust her. (Source: Network Ten)
Looking ahead to what we know is coming up, are you glad it's not you?
Oh my god, yes. When I look at those promos and the videos, I am like you know what, I don't even care because I'm like, "You look like trash on TV!" The grinding on the beach? I mean, c'mon, get a room. It's a bit much.
Will we see you on Bachelor in Paradise?
That's to be seen!
Nathan went through a similar experience on The Bachelorette and went on Paradise to redeem himself…
I'd have to have a think about it.
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You're friends with Dean Wells and Rhyce Power, who've experienced negative attention before. Will you be looking to them for advice?
I feel like I've been there for these people. I need to take some of my own advice. You just have to laugh about it and move on with your life.
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