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EXCLUSIVE: What REALLY happened between The Bachelor's Abbie and Monique

Were Abbie and Monique actually "friends"?

By Anita Lyons and Emma Shepherd
In case you missed it, the drama on The Bachelor on Wednesday night was certifiably insane.
So insane in fact, that our dreamy Bachie, Matt Agnew, WALKED OUT on his ladies during the cocktail party, leaving them all in a complete state of shock.
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If you're anything like us, you've been replaying all of the dramatic details over and over and over.
After a steamy make-out sesh in a swimming pool, Abbie [Chatfield] tells Matt that Monique [Morley] had called him a "disrespectful pig" and a "dog c---". Matt, understandably is a little mortified, and can't make sense of it.
Matt then decides to get to the bottom of the whole thing, and after taking some of the other girls on a group date - is no step closer to finding out what has ACTUALLY taken place.
Then, during the cocktail party, Matt takes Monique aside and asks her point blank if she says those things, of course she denies it, and then Matt asks all of the other girls their version and you guys, not one person is telling the same story.
OK then... (Source: Network Ten)
Finally, Matt decides tonight is a "tremendous waste of time" before walking out... and scene.
Due to the many versions of this story, it's clear that someone (or all of them) are fibbing - and while this is certainly dramatic enough, we're about to blow your mind once more.
In an exclusive chat with NW, jewellery designer Cassandra Mamone, dropped a little bombshell in our laps.
"Well, to be honest, I got to know Monique in the house," Cass admitted.
"So to me, Monique, she's a very giving person. [In fact] Monique actually did Abbie's hair the night before this whole thing happened. She did everyone's hair with her beautiful Dyson hairdryer.
"We were all watching TV and she had all the girls sitting in front of her one by one. She was just so giving to spend that time doing everyone's hair and then the next day Abbie's gone and done that. To be honest I just see people for what they are and Abbie has certainly done stuff for air time."
Ummm say what? Monique did Abbie's hair and then she threw her under the bus?
WATCH NEXT: Matt confronts Monique about the rumours. Story continues...
If you thought this was bad enough, the Insider also revealed that Monique was the first person to ask Abbie how the date went and was "really happy for her" - so no wonder when things went a little pear-shaped she was shook!
After Monique's incredible airborne date last week, it seemed that Abbie was "happy" for her competition.
"Abbie even told Monique after her date that she was really happy that she was having the time with Matt," our source then revealed...and honestly, so much D.R.A.M.A!!
OH EM GEE! This is JUICY! (Source: Network Ten)
While this is all VERY suspicious, what we do know is that some of the girls weren't very happy with how all of the events transpired.
"I'm the type of person that when I say something I'm not going to do the opposite kind of thing," Rachael Arahill spilled to NW during a chat about Abbie.
"If I'm living with the girls that I've become quite close friends with, I'm not going to do anything to disrespect them. I wouldn't want to hurt someone I care about and I couldn't relate to how she could do that and have no remorse for doing it. It just showed her true character and it's not a character trait that I want to have. I was quite disappointed in her.
"She made a lot of enemies and for a long time. In her opinion I still don't think she'd ever take it back. She's obviously got no regrets."
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