A definitive list of every girl who DOESN'T win The Bachelor's heart

When Osher Günsberg brings out the rose maths...

By Anita Lyons
When season seven of The Bachelor began, Dr Matt Agnew had a choice of twenty STUNNING girls to choose from.
From Persian goddess Sogand Mohtat to chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod and to sweet angel on this given earth, Elly Miles - each woman took Matt's breath away.
Then, during the second episode (which we learned was a whole week after the first cocktail party) - the women left for a group date with their Bachelor, only to return to the news that eight more women had entered the mansion.
It was a tough pill to swallow for our existing Bachelorettes, because now there were more women to compete with.
After that fateful rose ceremony, a whopping SIX ladies went home and as we hurtle towards the finish line...the numbers are dwindling!
This is some super serious business... (Source: Network Ten)
So, as Matt gets closer and closer to finding his soulmate, we present to you the definitive list of all of the women he sent home.