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The Bachelor's Sogand received the first kiss of the season and everyone was a little salty

“We may not speak the same language but I feel we are in tune.”

By Anita Lyons
When we first met Sogand Mohtat on the red carpet during the premiere episode of The Bachelor, she wowed Matt Agnew by speaking in her native language, Farsi.
In fact, the "Persian Goddess" cleverly asked Matt to repeat some phrases after her and of course rising to the challenge, our Bachie copied every single word, not realising she had just got him to propose!
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So it's no wonder that he felt that sparks were flying between the pair.
During the first cocktail party, Sogand and Matt steal a moment together, with the 30-year-old civil engineer admitting to him that she was on the show for "the right reasons".
And it's obvious she made a wonderful impression, because fast forward to episode two and the brunette beauty has won the coveted first date.
When Osher (squeal!) arrives with a date card at the mansion, Matt has given the clue: "We may not speak the same language but I feel we are in tune."
It's important to note that Chinese researcher Kristen got a little excited and assumed she was getting the date - because she speaks Mandarin, one of the languages spoken in China, and of course she is obsessed with China! But alas, it was not meant to be.
The first single date went to Sogand.
Oh em gee! IT'S ME! (Source: Network Ten)
Sogand looked super cute for her date and arrived to find Matt waiting at a red carpet with a helicopter.
The couple practically run towards each other and embrace in a perfect greeting, before Sogand asks Matt if they get to "go up" in it.
Matt, being the goofy dreamboat that he is, jokingly says "No, it's just for decoration!"
Back at the mansion, the girls are feeling a little deflated. As Abbie points out: "I think anybody could have a connection with Sogand. She's funny, smart and gorgeous."
Meanwhile, Matt is literally sitting on top of Sogand in the helicopter and we can't tell if it's because a) he is extremely tall or b) He thinks they're "seeing" each other and it's the "honeymoon phase" and "no personal space" is a perfectly acceptable practice or c) he is a smitten kitten.
We think it's the latter, because he says: "Seeing Sogand again just took my breath away. She has this energy about her that I really love."
HAHAHAHA...move over, Matt! (Source: Network Ten)
Both Matt and Sogand tell the producers that they are "at ease" with one another, that they make each other "laugh", that there's a genu-ine "connection". (If you're playing a spot of Bachie Bingo right now, it's time to cross these pearlers off!)
After their very special helicopter ride, the pair are given some very fancy clothes in what can only be described as "hanging trees in a garden".
Trees. In a garden. (Source: Network Ten)
Miraculously, day turns into night and the very fancy-looking couple are treated to a candlelit performance by a string quartet.
We can only hope where this is leading - the very first kiss of the season.
Before you get too ahead of yourself and think Sogand is a done deal, remember that there's approximately 400 more kisses to come...
It's here we learn a lot more about our Persian beauty, who has been single for seven years after breaking up with her ex because of a "family problem".
"It was hard to break it off, knowing that it was a reason that had nothing to do with us," she said sadly.
"I got to the point where I was like, 'I don't want you to leave your family for me'. I want my future husband's family to love me. I know my family would have loved him and adored him, regardless of who he is, and where he was from. It took me a while to let anyone else in. I always wondered why certain things didn't work out or certain people. I guess I know now."
Isn't this romantic? (Source: Network Ten)
It's after this story that Matt offers a rose to his date.
Accepting the gesture, the pair then kiss under the starry night sky.
Smoochy, smooch, smooch. (Source: Network Ten)
When Sogand arrives back at the mansion, the ladies ask her if they smooched - and a gushy Sogand says "yes".
"He has really soft lips," she says to the group, who are having precisely none of it.
But especially Emma. She will not hear of this any longer...
Emma. No, doll. (Source: Network Ten)
Only time will tell who gets the second kiss of the series - but we bet it's not going to be Sogand!

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