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EXCLUSIVE: The secret ceremony The Bachelor 2019 contestants are holding before every single elimination this season

''It's just a lot of emotions that go on and I was kind of one of the ones to ground them.''

By Anita Lyons
A Bachelor elimination is never easy for anyone involved.
There are tears, heartache and deep disappointment - and that's just from host Osher Günsberg.
But there's one little known ceremony that this season's contestants went through before every cocktail party and subsequent elimination, that helped them get through the often brutal process.
After being sent packing from the mansion, Isabelle Davies, the Pilates instructor from QLD, revealed the surprising ritual she used to perform with the girls before every single cocktail party.
"We're all a really tight knit group," she told Now to Love in an interview after her elimination.
"Before and after each cocktail parties, I would get the girls in a circle and go 'It's someone's last night, obviously we're not all going to be here tomorrow. Let's have a really good time. Let's be nice to one another and you know, really enjoy it because this isn't going to last forever'."
The stunning beauties of the Bachelor mansion. (Source: Network Ten)
Isabelle described herself as a calming force in the mansion and says after she left, the drama began to escalate.
During her time there, the other girls would go to her for advice and she'd run Pilates sessions to keep the peace.
"When we had sessions, the girls would end up in tears at the end because I would say something meaningful that brought up maybe something about their home life," she revealed.
"You know, it's just a lot of emotions that go on and I was kind of one of the ones to ground them and bring them back.
"I think maybe there was a bit of a void when I left and the girls went a bit AWOL because you do get cabin fever in there."
Isabelle did not receive a rose and was sent packing. (Source: Network Ten)
At the time she was sent home, Isabelle did wonder "What the hell did I do wrong?" but quickly realised, it wasn't "her" at all.
"You've got to remember that the time in which you exit the house does not determine your value of worth. And do you know what? If I was not Matt's cup of tea, then that's perfectly fine.
"You definitely want to make sure that Matt sees the best side of you and obviously there's just not enough time to go around."
Someone who is definitely getting A LOT of Matt's time is Abbie Chatfield and for Isabelle, Abbie is what she calls a "classic Gemini".
"They're very up and down," she said. "And they have multiple personalities. Abbie was very emotional sometimes and then others she'd be caring and she'd have all of these personalities, but you never knew which personality Abbie would go with for the day."
And it when it came to the make-out session in the orchard, Isabelle revealed that the girls were truly "shook".
"You know, Matt was on there to find a wife and Abbie is still quite young and flirty. We all thought that he would send her home for sure, so when she came back in [from the orchard] we were in such a state of shock and just didn't believe it."
At the time, Isabelle and some of the other girls wondered if Abbie had been "lying" about the whole thing to "ruffle some feathers" but "watching it back last night, it was very real."
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Now that she's out of the house, Isabelle has no regrets, because while she didn't win Matt Agnew's heart - she revealed that she's found a new man, a FIFO worker called Dan.
"I actually met him last year," the 29-year-old said.
"I've actually known him for a little while. We had a date last year and it went amazingly, but the timing was just wrong. He worked in FIFO and we both had our own holidays booked and everything like that, so it just kind of didn't work out at that time, and then we kind of reconnected again after the show and you know things have kind of progressed very slowly from that."

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