The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia fans are outraged over Elly Miles' shock elimination

What... just happened?

By Karina Recchi and Tina Burke
Fans of The Bachelor Australia would be forgiven for thinking they were watching Australian Survivor tonight, when the rose ceremony played out more like a dramatic tribal council, complete with a shock twist. After all, when did Matt Agnew start blindsiding the contestants? Because, that's exactly what happened tonight when Elly Miles was sent home from the mansion.
Like Monique Morley and Sogand Mohtat before her, Elly's undoing appears to have been her need to "warn" Matt that Abbie Chatfield is not "genuine."
In the episode, Elly took her one-on-one date time with Matt to suggest that Abbie might not be on the show for the right reasons - a claim Abbie herself later rebuffed because she doesn't "even want to be involved in Instagram" and that sort of thing.
Despite the fact that Monique, Sogand, Matt's very own best friend Kate, and, now, Elly, have all voiced concerns over Abbie's intentions, it's clear he's not interested in listening to anyone on this matter.
As Abbie simply put things after Elly's elimination, "Matt must believe me."
Chelsie and Abbie seemed stunned by Elly's elimination.
"It's just very stressful," Elly tells TV WEEK of the situation she found herself in with Matt and Abbie. "I've never experienced such high levels of stress in my life and I take care of people's lives for a living."
Ultimately, Elly thinks Matt is letting their chemistry get the better of him.
"He's a very intelligent man," she says. "I think at this point he's picked up there's a few red flags there and there are a few inconsistencies that have popped up with Abbie. He's aware of it, but they have such a strong connection that he doesn't know what to think."
Abbie, on the other hand, is just grateful that Matt didn't believe the others.
"I'm very lucky that Matt has a scientific mind, so he always asks, he wants evidence, he wants stories," she tells TV WEEK. "It's nice that he wants to keep me after all this drama.
"It's so hurtful for me, as well, with people saying I'm only there to win the competition," she says. "I just wanted to spend time with Matt to see if we could have a relationship that could last. If you come second or third you don't win a prize, you just get heartbroken."
Abbie claimed "I feel better" after Elly was sent home.
Though Abbie is feeling relieved to see the end of the drama on the show, it's only heating up for fans on Twitter.
Viewers were heartbroken for Elly, who was in tears as she was sent home.
"I'm just so confused," she told Matt as he walked her to the car. And she's not the only one. Here's what fans had to say about the dramatic episode...
Oh boy, we're not ready for tomorrow night's hometown visits following THAT emotional rollercoaster!

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