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"It's me or Abbie!" The Bachelor's Chelsie Mcleod gives Matt Agnew an ultimatum

Time to choose, Astro Boy!

By Emma Shepherd
She's the stunning chemical engineer from Melbourne who's blessed with both brains and beauty.
But despite being tipped as the frontrunner to score Matt Agnew's final rose, Chelsie McLeod is getting serious cold feet – and it's all because of her rival Abbie Chatfield!
NW hears that the gorgeous 28-year-old feels Abbie is the polar oppostie of her and therefore can't understand how Matt, 32, could be attracted to the both of them.
"It just doesn't make sense to her," dishes our exclusive insider.
"Chelsie even told some of the other girls off camera, 'If Matt likes someone like Abbie, then I don't think I'm the girl for him. He's not the guy I thought he was!'"
Chelsie's really pissed off about it, so we think she may not last the entire series...
Chelsie was brought to tears Source: Ten
It'd definitely be the departure no-one sees coming.
With Abbie already admitting to NW that she wasn't on the show to make friends, we're told she and Chelsie constantly butted heads during filming.
"Chelsie's a people pleaser, while Abbie tells it like it is," says the source.
Indeed, just this week, the 23-year-old confirmed to NW, "Chelsie and I are like chalk and cheese."
Looks like you've got a big decision to make, Matt!
What will it be, Matt? Chelsie (left) or Abbie (right)? Image: Channel Ten

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