The Bachelor Australia

Fans are convinced Helena wins The Bachelor after Matt Agnew's latest Instagram post


By Alex Lilly
It's getting down to crunch time this year on The Bachelor with only five women left battling it out for Matt Agnew's hearts.
But we needn't bother continue watching if these reality show fans theories are true because judging by a recent Instagram post by the 31 year-old astrophysicist, he's already fallen for Helena.
Obviously, Matt isn't allowed to post any pics to social media with his winning lady but his artsy snap of the Blue Boat House in Western Australia has aroused suspicion.
Showing off his dorky dad joke side, Matt captioned his post "Yo, listen up, here's a story ... #bluehishouse #imblue #dabadee #bulkfilters #perth," referencing that hit nineties banger Blue (Da Ba Dee) but it's the location that has fans convinced he's hanging with Helena seeing as Perth is her hometown.
"Helena is from Perth... 🤔🤔🤔 Hmmm haha," one of his followers mused.
"Does this mean Helena's won?" asked another.
Seeing as Helena is from Perth, fans reckon he's spending time with her before they can officially go public. (Image: Network Ten)
Others were quick to think logically and said it's highly unlikely that Matt would make it so obvious.
"You honestly think they would be so blatant about who won. I'm sure he is on a press tour," one stated.
"This could've been taken during home town visits. Relax people," asserted another.
What do you reckon? Is it all a conspiracy or has the Bachie blown it?
Whether he's with Helena or not, it's a pretty decent gram. (Image: Instagram @drmattagnew)
This isn't the first time Matt's dropped a hint that Helena could be the last woman standing at the end of the show.
Just a few weeks before posting his Blue Boat House snap, Matt shared a snap from Broome, WA of himself looking out at the setting sun captioning it: "I like sunsets. And staring at them sagaciously pondering life. #sunset #broome #pensives #againforwides #mysistertakesgoodphotos."
And while many of us frantically googled the word sagaciously, we were far from convinced that his sister was behind the camera.
#mysistertakesgoodphotos. Yeah we're sure she does Matt. (Image: Instagram @drmattagnew)
"I spy with my little eyes, something beginning with H. #supersleuth," one observant fan commented.
"Either Helena is the winner or Matt is deliberately misleading the public with an old photo haha...or she IS the winner and we're being misled by the fact that the photo is old, to get us casting doubts on our initial suspicions about her victory. I think I'm putting some money on Helena!"
Better stay tuned!