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EXCLUSIVE: MasterChef’s Jock Zonfrillo is a married man and doesn’t consider himself a sex symbol

''I'm in my mid-forties and a father of three kids with another one on the way!''
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Both on and off screen, Masterchef Australia co-host Jock Zonfrillo is cool, calm, collected and composed.

He has to be when commanding the attention and respect of the Masterchef all-stars, but also as a business owner, and that of a busy father as well.

But mention his recently acquired sex symbol status, and it’s a topic of conversation that leaves the Scottish-born chef a little lost for words.

“Look, the whole ‘Hot Jocklate’ stuff is… It’s unusual and weird and different. It’s odd.”

(Image: Network Ten)

“Look, the whole ‘Hot Jocklate’ stuff is… It’s unusual and weird and different. It’s odd,” Jock tells TV WEEK when we quiz him on the attention he’s been receiving on social media recently. “It’s pretty hard, honestly, to get your around [it].

“I’m in my mid-forties and a father of three kids with another one on the way!

“I’m not scouring around the internet fishing for compliments and I’m pretty past enjoying that kind of attention – it makes me feel super awkward!”

Jock married his third wife Lauren on New Year’s Day 2017 and the two share son Alfie.

The MasterChef judge also has two daughters from his first two marriages.

Whilst Lauren and the kids are in Adelaide, Jock is in Melbourne filming and since his wife is pregnant, he’s been advised to stay in Melbourne due to the risk of coronavirus.

Jock and his third wife Lauren tied the knot in 2017.

(Image: Instagram @zonfrillo)

Jock with his two eldest children.

(Image: Instagram @zonfrillo)

The out-pouring of love Masterchef viewers have given the new-look show’s judging trio is something that Jock has enjoyed, though.

“It’s been great and the response has been brilliant,” Jock says. “The general feedback I seem to see is that everyone’s connecting with the show again in different ways.

“For some, it’s great to see the old contestants, and then other people are just die-hard Masterchef fans who love cooking shows and this is one of the best cooking shows in the world, and certainly one of the best iterations of Masterchef.”

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