Forget MasterChef: Poh Ling Yeow's relationship history deserves its own show

The season one runner-up's ex is married to her best friend for starters.

By Alex Lilly
As Gordon Ramsay himself put it, Poh Ling Yeow is a favourite to win MasterChef Australia: Back To Win after getting pipped to the post in the first season.
But it turns out the season one runner-up has had a relationship history as intriguing as some of her culinary creations.
MasterChef favourite Poh has an interesting love life history. (Image: Network Ten)
Poh and her first husband Matt Phipps met when they were both Mormons, and leant on each other as they extricated themselves from the church a few years later. Though they divorced in 1999 after nine years of marriage, their split was anything but messy.
In fact, Matt is now married to Poh's best friend of 20 years Sarah Rich, bad there is no bad blood whatsoever.
"He's my ex-husband. She's my best friend. And when we broke up, they got together and it's all dandy. It's actually really good!" the 47-year-old MasterChef contestant told Mamamia in 2017.
"Everyone tries to complicate it. From the outside in, they're all like 'love triangle!' And I'm like, 'no!' He's like my brother now and I think … people are never interested in the back story. They want everything to be sordid."
Poh went on to marry Jono Bennett, whom she met on the set of MasterChef season one. (Image: Getty Images)
Poh then went on to marry aspiring actor Jono Bennett, whom she met on the first season of MasterChef, where Jono was working as a production assistant.
"We weren't really allowed to talk because that's part of the rules. You can't fraternise with the staff because I guess they can tell you secrets (about the next challenge) or something," she explained.
"I think it got a little more charged because we weren't allowed to talk to each other. It was like the playground … cute looks across the yard, sort of thing. Then, after the show we hooked up. There was a wrap party and we exchanged numbers straight away and it was all guns after that."
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However, Jono admitted to The Australian Women's Weekly that he was initially suspicious of Poh's bond with her ex.
"It was hard at first, but it was my own personal issues of confidence in myself and jealousy, which had no reason to be there," he confessed.
"It was something we all had to work on essentially. I know it's very human to be jealous, but it doesn't make it right."
"He's like my brother," Poh added. "We're much better suited as friends."
Poh and Jono's relationship with Matt and Sarah was so strong that the two couples went into business together in 2015, opening Jamface café at the Adelaide Central Market.
The establishment has since closed down due to Poh's "full-time return" to her media and art career.
However, Poh was spotted without her wedding ring on the show despite other contestants wearing theirs prompting speculation as to whether the couple are still together.
Poh and Jono pictured together in 2019. (Image: Instagram @pohlingyeow)

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