Seeing double! New MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo is a dead ringer for these three celebrity doppelgängers

Twice as nice!

By Rebecca Sullivan
It's no secret that MasterChef fans were more than a little hesitant about welcoming three new judges onto the beloved cooking show this year.
But while viewers have already fallen in love with this season's brand new trio, we think it's safe to say Scottish chef Jock Zonfrillo has quickly become the fan favourite.
Jock is the owner of the acclaimed Restaurant Orana in Adelaide and is famous for his creative use of native Australian ingredients.
Yet it's not just his impressive foodie pedigree that has fans impressed - his calm, kind demeanour with the stressed-out contestants, those killer three-piece suits and his handsome salt-and-pepper looks have more than a few viewers feeling a little hot under the collar.
Judge Jock Zonfrillo has quickly become a fan favourite on MasterChef. Image: Channel 10
Social media is awash with Jock's admirers, with many fans taking to Twitter to voice their love for the Scot.
The ever-humble Jock says he is a little "embarrassed" by his new heartthrob status, insisting that he is "awkward" in real life.
"Listen, I'm in my mid-40s," he told The Daily Telegraph this week.
"I find it embarrassing. It's very flattering... but I'm Captain Awkward," he said.
MasterChef judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo. Image: Channel 10
But despite his protestations, some eagle-eye fans have also spotted some visual similarities between Jock and several other high profile silver foxes.
Yep, he's got quite a few celebrity doppelgängers - keep on scrolling to see if you agree with the comparisons.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

The Danish prince and Jock have a similar hair and beard vibe going on. Image: Getty
The 43-year-old chef has a similar face shape. Image: Channel 10
While the Danish royal certainly doesn't have a tattoo sleeve like Jock's, both of these men can rock the hell out of a salt and pepper beard.
Prince Frederik is 51 years old, while Jock is 43, but have similar bone structure and - we'll just come out and say it - nice, kind faces.
"This is who Jock from MasterChef looks like!" one fan commented on a photo of Prince Frederik on Instagram this week.
See? It's totally a thing.

Michael Sheen

Hands up if you're over 40, can rock a killer beard and still have a full head of hair?! Image: Getty
The Masters Of Sex actor was compared to Jock on social media this week, with several fans saying the chef and the 51-year-old BAFTA winner look very alike.
What do you think?
WATCH BELOW: Why Poh returned to MasterChef as a contestant, not a judge. Story continues after video.

Andy Serkis

The British actor is famous for his character roles. Image: Getty
British actor Andy Serkis has a damn impressive resume.
He's famous for playing Gollum in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, as well as roles in Avengers, Black Panther, and several Star Wars films.
While he's almost unrecognisable on the red carpet, without any scary hair and makeup or CGI affects, his face does have a similar look to Jock's.
One fan on Twitter posted this side-by-side image comparing the two.
There's certainly something to it!

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