MasterChef Australia: Where are the past winners now?

See? Reality TV can change your life...

Winning MasterChef Australia was clearly a recipe for success for these reality TV favourites, with the likes of Julie Goodwin, Adam Liaw and co. making all their culinary dreams come true after taking out the cooking competition.
From opening their own restaurants to training with some of the world's best chefs, these MasterChef Australia winners have not taken their time on the hit show for granted.
Starting with...

Julie Goodwin, Season 1 winner

Julie Goodwin was our inaugural MC winner! (Image: Network Ten)
After impressing the judges with her family-style cooking, the mum-of-three quit her IT job to write several cookbooks, become a TV and radio star, and launch her own cooking school.
"None of this would have been possible without MasterChef," she says.
"To think I won a cooking competition and now work in breakfast radio is wonderful, and I'm really enjoying this new chapter!"
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Adam Liaw, Season 2 winner

Adam gave up a lot before becoming our season two winner. (Image: Network Ten)
Adam gave up his job as a highly paid lawyer in Tokyo to go on the show... and he's never looked back!
"I've been lucky enough that my series for SBS, Destination Flavour, has been running now for six seasons," he says.
"I've also written six cookbooks, and I'm really proud of each of them."
He also married since winning the show, and he and Asami have two kids, Christopher, four, and Anna, two.

Kate Bracks, Season 3 winner

Kate has utilised her win for the greater good. (Image: Network Ten)
Kate has travelled the country as an ambassador for the Cancer Council's Eat It To Beat It program.
"The life experiences have been more rewarding than the prize money," says the mum-of-three, who's also bought a hobby farm in Orange, NSW.
"We don't eat off the land entirely, but the ultimate goal would be to do more of that."

Andy Allen, Season 4 winner

Andy has gone from former winner to judge! (Image: Network Ten)
After taking out top spot, Andy is co-owner of the Three Blue Ducks restaurants and has now risen up the ranks to be one of the show's new judges.
He's also written his first cookbook, The Next Element and also works part-time as a cook at Sydney café Three Blue Ducks.
In 2018 his restaurant was awarded a Chefs Hat, making Andy the first MasterChef Australia contestant to be awarded the highly sought-after honour.
Andy hasn't forgotten his MasterChef roots. In fact, he returned in 2020 - as a judge, not a contestant.

Emma Dean, Season 5 winner

The lovely Emma is still gracing our screens! (Image: Network Ten)
After taking out the coveted title, the former town planner has since published her own cookbook and co-hosts daily cooking show My Market Kitchen with her 2013 MasterChef runner-up Lynton Tapp.
"I don't have a restaurant because I am a bit risk adverse," she says.
"However, the show is really fun and the best part is I get to do it with my best mate!"

Brent Owens, Season 6 winner

Season six winner Brent has taken his knowledge of food overseas. (Image: Network Ten)
Since scooping the $250,000 prize money, Brent has travelled the world, trying to make a positive impact with his knowledge of food.
"Being exposed to starvation in foreign countries made me recognise the major flaws in the global food ecosystem," he says.
Now Brent's launching a food technology company that aims to address some of those issues.

Billie McKay, Season 7 winner

Billie had her sights set off-shore! (Image: Network Ten)
Less than a month after winning, Billie moved to England to work at Heston Blumenthal's Michelin-starred The Fat Duck restaurant.
"Working there was fantastic but it wasn't what I wanted long-term," she says, revealing her goal is to open a restaurant.
"At the moment I'm on the family farm making cheese with Mum. I'm still cooking but I don't want to rush into anything!"

Elena Duggan, Season 8 winner

Elena is a big advocate for special needs students. (Image: Network Ten)
While she dreamed of opening a farm cafe after her win, educator Elena decided to continue her work with special needs students, teaching them leadership, hospitality skills and home economics.
"To know I'm giving something to people who are going to be our future leaders, and giving them strength, confidence and life skills to help them move forward, that's been the biggest highlight," she says.

Diana Chan, Season 9 winner

2017's winner has found success in Australia's foodie hot spot. (Image: Network Ten)
After winning by a single point, Diana used her prize money to open a pop-up restaurant in Melbourne, Chanteen.
"It serves authentic Malaysian street food, it's reasonably priced and everything is cooked to order," says Diana, who's also designed in-flight menus for Malaysia Airlines.
"I never thought the day would come that I'd fly to London and eat my own food on the flight!" she laughs.

Sashi Cheliah, Season 10 winner

Sashi is enjoying his newfound fame. (Image: Network Ten)
After taking out the 2018 title, Sashi has been "living the dream".
Recently travelling to India where he spoke to The Telegraph, the 40-year-old said he had been given "lots of offers".
"In the short-term, I am keeping things fluid. Since winning MasterChef, I have got a lot of offers. I am trying out whatever I like," he said.
Sounds like some exciting things are in store for this pro-chef!

Larissa Takchi, Season 11 winner

Larissa is helping out at the family cafe. (Image: Network Ten)
At 22-years-old, Larissa became the youngest ever winner of MasterChef Australia in 2019 and was something of a dessert queen.
But now the budding chef is keeping things close to home by helping out at her family's cafe, Wildpear in the north west Sydney suburb of Dural.
But due to coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, the family are now offering delivery and drive-thru dinner services.
"It's nice to see that our customers support us at our lowest. It's keeping us super motivated to keep our doors open," she told HuffPost Australia.
Larissa is also engaged to her partner Luke, but wedding plans are on hold.

Emelia Jackson, season 12 winner

Emelia was the All Stars champ. (Image: Network Ten)
Emelia took out the toughest season of MasterChef to date in Back To Win, an All-Stars edition of the series.
After placing third in season six, Emelia returned and beat out bestie Laura Sharrad and dessert king Reynold Poernomo for top prize.
Despite the huge wine, Emelia kept her celebration small, mostly thanks to Melbourne's strict second wave lockdown.
"I'm in Melbourne so it was just me and my boyfriend Craig and then we had my family on Zoom," she told Now To Love.
"I planned a viewing party, but we're in lockdown again, so I had to cancel it. It was what it was, but it was still so exciting."

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