Remember these faces? Say g'day to all 9 of the past winners from Masterchef Australia

Come take a walk with us back through memory lane.

The first episode of the much anticipated Season 10 will air on Monday the 07th of May at 7:30 pm on Channel 10 and we can't wait!
But before we dive into a new sea of hopeful cooks and delicious dishes, take a walk back down memory land and re-visit all nine of the MasterChef Australia winners.

Season one winner: Julie Goodwin

Julie took out the title of Australia's first ever MasterChef all the way back in 2009, and she was a hard act to follow.
After MasterChef, this busy mum of three published several cookbooks and was named Australia's biggest selling author in 2010.
As well as being a regular columnist for our very own Australian Women's Weekly, Julie is a resident cook on Channel Nine's Today Show AND she even fronted her own cooking show called, Home Cooked.

Season two winner: Adam Liaw

Lawyer Adam Liaw, travelled from his then residence in Tokyo to be part of MasterChef's season 2 - and boy, was the journey worth it!
In 2010, Adam became the second winner of MasterChef.
Since then, Adam has relocated to Sydney and now works as a cook, writer and television presenter.
The photos on his Instagram account prove this chef also has a pretty artistic eye - in fact, his social media is said to be the most influential in the Australian Food Industry.

Season three winner: Kate Bracks

In 2011, Kate became the third winner of MasterChef.
Kate lives in Orange with her family and since her big culinary win has written a table to farm cookbook called, 'The Sweet Life'.

Season four winner: Andy Allen

The Curious Chef was almost a qualified electrician - but in 2012, his world changed forever when he became the fourth winner of MasterChef.
Hilariously, he only entered MasterChef on a dare from his mates!
His passion is learning as much as he can about food, but don't try and put this chef in a box.
"People always ask me 'What's your thing?'. My thing is, I don't have a thing. And I like it that way," he says on his website.
As well as learning about food, Alan is an author and a full-time chef at the hatted cafe Three Blue Ducks.

Season five winner: Emma Dean

Most people will recognise Emma as the host of the Network Ten television series, My Market Kitchen, which has been so successful it's on it's third season.
Emma won MasterChef in 2013 and her first cookbook was published in December of that same year - no sitting around for this amazing woman!

Season six winner: Brent Owens

Brent took out the coveted MasterChef crown in 2014.
You may remember Brent gave $50,000 of his $250,000 prize winnings to fellow contestant Emilia Jackson after the pair made a bet that the winner would share some of their winnings with the other.
After winning, Brett published his first cook book, Dig In!.

Season seven winner: Billie McKay

Billie was a restaurant manager from Ballina, New South Wales before she started her MasterChef journey.
In 2015, Billie became the seventh winner of MasterChef and was famously offered a job with Heston Blumenthal after the final episode, working as a chef in his three-Michelin star restaurant.
Heston's restaurant, The Fat Duck, is famous for its innovation and precision. Billie is the only chef in the series who was offered such an honour.

Season eight winner: Elena Duggan

The winner of MasterChef season eight in 2016 was a school teacher, Elena.
The chef actually auditioned for MasterChef season 7 but explains she didn't make the final cut.
"Food and education are where my heart is," Elena explains on her website.
She now spends most of her time inspiring and educating her fellow foodies through her website, Elena Jo Duggan.

Season nine winner: Diana Chan

Diana went from chartered accountant to MasterChef in one swoop, taking out the coveted title in 2017.
She was consistent with her dishes through out the competition and stuck to serving up a taste of Malaysia, where she was born and lived until age 19.
She's been busy writing guests columns and making appearances since taking out the title last year - but we're sure big things are on the horizon for this winner!

Season ten winner:

Watch this space...