Poh knows she’s stressing you out with her epic MasterChef creations and she won’t apologise for it

Not sorry.

By Maddison Hockey
We always knew this season of MasterChef Australia would be like no other.
The first season in its 11-year run to bring back past contestants was always going to create some tense competition.
What we didn't prepare for, however, was Poh nearly giving us a heart attack in each and every episode!
Pegged as one of the competition favourites, Poh Ling Yeow has been dishing up some incredible creations.
But, what's got viewers on the edge of their seats, and a little hot under the collar, is just how far Poh pushes her time limits during cooks.
This is meant to be a feel-good easy watch, and Poh has fans sweating stress-induced bullets on their sofas (in the best kind of way).
The MasterChef hopeful took to Instagram to address some fan complaints, if we can even call them that, about her timing issues.
The stress-inducing creation in question. Image: Instagram
"Stout Beef Pie with Blue Cheese Crust - my @masterchefau WOW dish from tonight's 'pressure test', made for some of my favourite @jamface customers for their wedding anniversary," Poh captioned a picture of the dish in question.
"Also, to answer those who ask why I keep pushing it with my time limits? Simple - it's why I came back on the show - to see what's possible."
Even Poh's teammates were relieved she'd made it before the timer. Image: Instagram
Poh previously revealed to TV WEEK that her reason for returning to the show was not to win, but rather, the challenge.
So we guess that makes sense.
"I'm not actually ambitious by nature, but I'm very greedy for life experience," she says. "I love variety and challenging myself, so that's what drives me.
"Much of this is just being able to cook the dishes I never got to cook in the first season. That was the thing I mourned the most when I left. It wasn't a loss of face or that I didn't win."

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