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MAFS’ new bride Susie has a VERY unusual name for her daughter

''Nobody puts Baby in a corner…''
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In a world first, on Monday night Married at First Sight introduced two new couples mid-way through the experiment.

And while we were blessed with a lot of abs and some killer personalities – there was no bigger blessing than the wild name of Susie Pearl’s daughter.

The name in question for the three-and-a-half-year-old?


Yes, Baby. No other name needed or wanted. Just… Baby.

The unusual moniker, which is usually given as a nickname to actual babies, definitely set tongues wagging as Twitter reacted the only way they knew how…

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So why, Baby?

As Billy Vincent, Susie’s new husband, said: “Oh, like nobody puts Baby in a corner? Are you serious?”

And yes, Billy… she is deadly serious.

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“I’ve had people tell me they wouldn’t date me because I have a child,” Susie revealed in her opening package.

“Oh my god, it is hurtful. Either he wants us both, or he can’t have either of us.”

And this is probably the most relatable “single parent” thing that anyone has ever said on this show…

Susie with her daughter Baby. (Source: Instagram)

Despite her unusual name, little Baby is just adorable and seems totally unphased by it al! (Source: Channel 9)

After meeting Susie and Baby, we have a few questions.

Firstly, what on earth is she eating here?

It looks like marmalade on a Cruskit with two slabs of Kraft Single Cheese?!

What even is this? (Source: Channel 9)

Secondly, who needs a man when you have the cutest dog ever?

How adorbs is Susie’s pet Rottweiler? (Source: Channel 9)

And thirdly, WHY did the experts not pair both single parents together?

New groom Dan Webb has a four year old son… their kids are practically the same age.

They are both “package deals” and “package deals” work with other “package deals.”

We don’t see Dan’s son or know what his name is… so there’s this.(Source: Channel 9)

Instead, the experts pair single mum Susie with our new favourite module (move over I’m a Celeb’s… Justin Lacko Billy.

Meet Billy… (Source: Channel 9)

Luckily for Susie, Billy wasn’t deterred by hearing the news… twice!

During a very sweet chat with Susie’s Hungarian father, Steve, Billy was dealt multiple blows by his new pa in-law, as the conversation went like this:

“Soon as you walked in, I thought to myself, ‘she’ll take you,'” Steve said.

“But to keep her, it’s a different story.”

“You’re a really good looking guy but she do have a taste, and you’re not the person she wants, you know? And that’s what it is.”

“She’ll eat you alive. I just want to help you out, don’t get too soft, that’s the thing that’s going to f— up!”

Don’t ever change, Steve!

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Then the conversation moved to Susie’s child, which Billy was hearing about for the first time that day.

“What you have to do to her, to grab her heart, you have to look after her and just like be a family person. Because you know, she has a kid? That’s your baby now…”

“Don’t panic. Don’t panic.” Billy’s internal monologue. (Source: Channel 9)

At first, Billy questions whether Susie thinks he has the tools to be the father of her child – but also, we think he just forgot that he met and married his wife an hour ago.

And when Susie drops the bombshell during another conversation with her new husband, unaware that Steve had already told him, he acts very OTT shocked.

“Really?!” he says. “I love children. My mum’s a single mother so I’d love to have children one day.”

So with that, our newest mismatched couple plus their daughter Baby, ride off into the wilderness that is the Married at First Sight experiment. God speed, you crazy kids!

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