Married At First Sight

Meet the new brides and grooms joining Married At First Sight

Get to know the couples set to say “I do!”

By Tina Burke and Zara Zubeidi
Married At First Sight viewers will be introduced to four new participants on Monday night, with two brides and two grooms set to walk down the aisle.
In the wake of Sunday night's commitment ceremony, which saw two couples leave the experiment, new couples have been added in to the cast.
Scroll through to meet the newbies!

Susie, 25

Meet Susie! A 25-year-old nurse from Brisbane, Queensland.
Susie, a mother of a three-year-old daughter, Baby, found herself single when her partner moved out 18 months ago.
Typically finding herself attracted to bad boys, Susie admits she is struggling to find someone who can see who she is beyond the young single mum.
It begs the question, is Sam, who has just left the social experiment, her type?
"Yes, unfortunately!" Susie tells TV WEEK with a laugh.
Everything I saw Sam say or do, I thought, 'This is something I'd be drawn to.'
"For me, the initial thing I go for is sexual attraction. I melt over a very good-looking boy. A lot of the guys I find attractive are covered in tattoos and have a bad attitude."
Susie is hoping to find her Mr Right after splitting with her childhood sweetheart. It's the first time she's been single since the age of 14, so she's understandably nervous.
"It's taken me a while to find my feet as a single person!" she says.

Tamara, 29

Tamara, a 29-year-old from Melbourne, is tired of being the third wheel! Her twin brother is engaged to her best friend, and it's time for her to meet her own partner.
Tamara's mum died from motor neurone disease just three years ago. Understandably, the brunette admits her wedding day on MAFS wasn't easy.
"It's crazy how emotional it got, because I didn't even know the guy," Tamara, 29, tells TV WEEK. "I just wished Mum was there. She was the first person I'd turn to for advice, and she wasn't there to do that. Every bride wants their mum with them on their wedding day."
Tamara says her mother would have been "mortified" at the thought of her daughter marrying a stranger on TV.
"She'd have rolled her eyes and said, 'Are you joking? Why can't you find a nice quiet boy?'" Tamara says with a laugh.
"She'd have been mortified, but would have supported my decision 100 per cent."

Daniel, 35

Charismatic and confident Daniel is a single dad from Queensland's Gold Coast.
He's excited to meet his partner on MAFS because he wants to settle down for good with his soul mate, but for Dan's ex, the mother of his four-year-old son, it's particularly gut-wrenching.
"We were supposed to get married years ago, but I got cold feet," Dan, 35, explains to TV WEEK. "I called it off, so she was a bit upset about me going on TV and getting married."
The car broker says his son is his number-one priority.
"Because I have a son, it's hard for me to let my walls down," he says. "I don't want to let him down. I still haven't introduced a girl to him, so it's a big thing for me. It's hard to find someone who's willing to take on a kid."

Billy, 28

Billy is a personal trailer and ~model~ from Lennox Heads. He's determined to make a more constructive life for himself after his mother's cancer diagnosis.
As an only child, Billy is incredibly close to his mum. And when she was diagnosed with cancer, Billy realised family was more important than ever.
"I had to face the fact that I needed to keep my family close and that my mum could pass away," the model, 28, tells TV WEEK. "I had to re-evaluate everything".
Fortunately, his mum is now in remission. As for Billy's father, he's been out of the picture since he was a baby – but Billy isn't fussed.
"I have no daddy issues whatsoever," he explains. "I had a choice to meet him when I was 18 and did. I accept he's my father, but I don't have any real need to see him. My mum is enough. She was my mum and my dad."
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, and Sunday, 7.30pm, Nine Network.

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