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I'm A Celeb: Justin Lacko's most hilariously wacko moments

The former Love Island star is making quite an impression in the jungle.

By Jess Pullar
If we were dumped into the middle of the jungle with no prospect of a decent meal and a good night's sleep on the horizon, it would be hard not to go a little bit stir-crazy.
And as the fifth batch of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! contestants battle the jungle elements this year, there are no exceptions.
But for some celebrity campers, their patience is really being put to the test...and that's where Justin Lacko comes in.
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Justin Lacko has made a very impressionable debut in the jungle. (Image: Network Ten)
The former Love Island star and model is only five episodes deep, however, he's already made quite the impression on his camp mates - and the Australian public.
From materialist meltdowns, golden anecdotes that'll make you say "SORRY!?" to being hit with a whopping case of love sickness, this camper is nothing short of wild - and we've got all the evidence.
Keep scrolling as we look at Justin Lacko's most hilariously wacko moments...

1. His questionable knowledge of Australian celebrities

In episode seven, Justin meets the show's very first intruder - Shane Crawford.
An AFL legend and Footy Show host, the Aussie is no stranger to households the country over... apart from Justin's it seems.
Host Dr Chris Brown introduced the pair, asking Justin to tell them the "Shane Crawford story".
A bemused Justin responded: "Ummm... I don't know the Shane Crawford story."
Luckily, Shane took it all in his stride, laughing it off - but Chris was relentless: "What can you tell us about Shane?"
Still stumped, Justin replies: "I don't know... you're not a singer...?"
Eventually, Shane gives him a hand, telling him he played AFL.
"You are in the company of greatness, Justin," Chris said.
And quick to recover, the Love Island star responds: "I feel it, I feel it manifesting around him."
Good save...
Watch the moment in the video below. Story continues...

2. The chapstick meltdown

Sometimes, the jungle is just a bit too much.
Well, at least that was the case for Justin on the fifth episode of I'm A Celeb when he had a full blown meltdown... over a chapstick.
Yep, you read that one right - the brunette was left a ball of nerves after camp mates Luke Jacobz and Justine Schofield pinched the coveted possession from his backpack.
As he frantically searched for it, Justin was offered alternatives from his fellow camp mates - which he turned down.
"No, no, no, I want my one."
Watch the hilarious moment in the video below. Story continues...
Later, things got a bit much when he continued his search: "F-ing angry now, ruin my f-ing day!"
Jeepers, talk about an overreaction!
Luckily, Justin was eventually reunited his beloved chapstick (aka his heart and soul, apparently), and all was well.
Try that again and you're toast... (Image: Network Ten)

3. His self-indulgent tirade to Yvie

Look, we're all for bringing ourselves up and sharing some body positivity, but there's a big difference between self-love and self-obsessed.
Case in point? A not-so-little tirade embarked upon by the model himself when he told Gogglebox star Yvie Jones that he's "too attractive" to be taken seriously.
In what seems to be a chronic case of word vomit, Lacko lectures Jones about how people haven't taken him seriously in the past because he's a model.
"They go, "Oh he's a model, he's boring, I don't want to talk to him". And it plays in my head," he said.
"I'm just a normal guy, but when I get all dressed up, I'm not going to be cocky but I will, I look amazing."
Watch the moment in the video below. Story continues...
His self-indulgent tirade didn't go unnoticed by fans, who took to Twitter to share their thoughts.
"Justin is so full of himself to the point it's sickening," one person wrote.
Another said: "If Justin was any further up himself, he'd be inside out!"

4. His SECOND self indulgent tirade... to Katherine Kelly Lang

To shake things up somewhat, The Bold and The Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang joined the celeb ranks in the jungle as their third week in the jungle kicked off.
Whether she was seen as a threat or not was beside the point for old mate Justin, who made sure she knew exactly what kind of person he is - or at least what he thinks he is.
In yet another chronic case of word vom (seriously, this guy is going to need some verbal electrolytes soon), Justin let it all out.
"I do feel like I have the capability of being a fantastic actor. You haven't seen my theatrical side probably," he told the TV soap star.
For good measure, he dropped in another golden nugget of Justin-ified information: "I would love to do something as well for the blind. Like I would love for them just to see, like, their hands. You know. I would love them just to see their hands, and to see colour."
Clearly amused, but always polite, Katherine had only this to say: "I like to listen, so I don't know if he learned anything about me but I still feel like we had a nice chat.
Watch the hilarious clip below. Story continues...

5. His untimely love sickness

The I'm A Celeb jungle would definitely be a tough place to woo a potential love interest, but that hasn't stopped our pal Justin.
In episode two, the Love Island star suffered a small case of love-at-first-sight when Gogglebox star Angie Kent entered the host of celebs.
Speaking to the camera, Justin revealed he was rather taken with the blonde Queenslander: "She's pretty cute... it makes me a little bit nervous."
Things escalated quickly - smitten as a kitten, Justin later said Angie had caught his eye and he was already thinking about kids!
"I have plenty of time to find love, of course, but I don't have plenty of time to find love and have kids," he explained.
Woah buddy, let's maybe start with a date and see how things go from there...
Justin was smitten with Angie from the get-go. (Image: Network Ten)

6. The regrettable name mix-up

We've all had those moments where we hear someone's name, and then promptly forget it approximately 0.4 seconds later.
But you'd hope that if said name-giver was a celebrity, there'd be a little more hope.
Well, that wasn't the case for poor Justin.
Much like his aforementioned run-in with Shane Crawford, as the Love Island alum entered the jungle alongside nine other contestants in the premiere episode, there were plenty of exclamations of recognition between the celebs.
But Justin was sorely out of his comfort zone from the get-go, accidentally calling Masterchef star Justine Schofield 'Simone' mere moments after being introduced to her - awkward!
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