I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

I'm A Celebrity's Justin Lacko just opened up about his sexuality, and it might surprise you

The jungle is bringing about some strong opinions for the brooding brunette model.

By Jess Pullar
In the jungle, the lion comes clean on some very interesting pieces of his past.
That's right, brooding brunette model Justin Lacko, has been particularly frank on his views with his fellow camp mates throughout the fifth season of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!.
And this time, he's told them something that has clearly impacted him for years.
In Tuesday evening's episode, Justin, who has stirred the pot many times throughout the show already, started talking about his family and his sexuality, and what he revealed might surprise you.
Revealing all: Justin Lacko hasn't held back from sharing his thoughts in the I'm A Celeb jungle. (Image: Network Ten)
In the clip, Justin admits that he no longer speaks to his Grandmother because she thinks he is gay.
"I have held onto a grudge with my Grandma. I say 'hi' to her when I see her at Christmas time, I acknowledge her, but that's it," he tells the campers.
He then explained what upset him the most about the situation.
"[Grandma] said something like. 'I think it's time we admitted that Justin is gay and in the closet. He never brings girls home,'' he said.
"Someone's sexuality is none of your business. I don't feel like it's anyone's business unless I choose to say it myself."
His confession was met with mixed reactions from campers, including Angie Kent and Richard Reid who said Justin might be being a little unfair.
In fact, Reid went so far as to say: "If you don't mind my saying, a lot of people do think you're gay."
Justin's comments clearly surprised other campers. (Image: Network Ten)
And it didn't end there, Reid continued: "So what's wrong, you feel like your grandmother should have asked you directly if you were gay?"
Justin adamantly replied that should absolutely have been the case.
The gossip guru reasoned why his grandmother mightn't have addressed it with Justin.
"She's from another generation," he explained.
"So unless she's done something else to wrong you I think that for her to ask the question, hang on, that other people have asked heaps of times. I really don't see what the problem is unless you feel it was mean spirited."
Justin bluntly replied that it was nobody's business unless he spoke about it himself.
"Anyways I think I don't want to talk about this anymore, because obviously I don't think we are going to see eye to eye," he said.
A number of the campers, including Goggleboxer Angie, have questioned Justin's bold views. (Image: Network Ten)
Angie then stepped in, saying to Justin: "You can't back out of every conversation!"
While Richard added: "I was trying to put myself in your grandmother's place."
This definitely wasn't the first circumstance Justin has been overruled in the jungle.
On Monday evening's episode, Justin was slammed for his thoughts on overweight people during a confronting conversation with Angie and fellow Goggleboxer Yvie.
In a joke, Yvie initially said to the former Love Island star: "Imagine what it's like for me; I'm fat. It takes a lot of work to get a body like this, Justin. A lot of eating,"
But instead of skirting around any awkwardness, Justin candidly responded: "The only thing I don't like about people who are big, is if you complain about it," he said.
Mimicking overweight people, he continued: "'I can't fit into that dress, I'm too big. I can't do this, I'm too big.' I'm like, I can't be around you. But if you embrace who you are, you're awesome or whatever. You know?"
Yvie and Angie were clearly unimpressed by Justin's comments, and perhaps he picked up on it, with the 28-year-old quickly declaring: "Yvie, you don't complain about yourself. You're not like 'I'm unhappy with myself'. You're awesome. You're a superstar!''
Watch the awkward moment in the video below: