I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Justin Lacko's opinion of overweight people is NOT okay, and these reactions prove it

The model might have gone a step too far on this one...

By Jess Pullar
There's no denying Justin Lacko has been at the centre of some pretty ridiculous scenarios since being plonked in the I'm A Celebrity jungle.
From being blissfully clueless on the identities of said celebs, to that chap stick meltdown, he's definitely made quite the impression on his camp mates, and the Australian public.
But this time, things might have gone a step too far after Monday's episode revealed the model's thoughts about overweight people.
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I'm A Celeb star Justin Lacko may have gone too far on the show. (Image: Network Ten)
During a chat with camp mates Angie and Yvie, Justin is seen imitating overweight people, and it's safe to say it did not go down well.
In a joke, Yvie initially said to the former Love Island star: "Imagine what it's like for me; I'm fat. It takes a lot of work to get a body like this, Justin. A lot of eating,"
But instead of skirting around any awkwardness, Justin candidly responded: "The only thing I don't like about people who are big, is if you complain about it," he said.
Mimicking overweight people, he continued: "'I can't fit into that dress, I'm too big. I can't do this, I'm too big.' I'm like, I can't be around you. But if you embrace who you are, you're awesome or whatever. You know?"
Yvie and Angie were clearly unimpressed by Justin's comments, and perhaps he picked up on it, with the 28-year-old quickly declaring: "Yvie, you don't complain about yourself. You're not like 'I'm unhappy with myself'. You're awesome. You're a superstar!''
Watch the moment in the video below. Story continues...
The Gogglebox pairing still weren't convinced, later blasting Justin's opinion when he was out of earshot.
"Sorry white privilege skinny handsome male, please don't sit there and tell me what you hate about people who are the complete opposite of you," Angie said.
Meanwhile, Yvie had a similar response: "How about you don't ever, ever talk about bigger people when you're not one and you never have been. Why don't you just go and take a photo, and get your clothes off".
Angie and Yvie are thick as thieves on the reality TV show. (Image: Network Ten)
As previously mentioned, this is certainly not the first time Lacko has caused a stir in the camp.
In the first week, Justin went on a self-indulgent tirade to Yvie about the woes of modelling, telling her he's "too attractive" to be taken seriously.
"They go, "Oh he's a model, he's boring, I don't want to talk to him". And it plays in my head," he said.
"I'm just a normal guy, but when I get all dressed up, I'm not going to be cocky but I will, I look amazing."
See the video in full in the player at the top.
Justin has quickly made a big impression on his camp mates. (Image: Network Ten)
Justin has also been frank about his feelings for Angie, revealing privately to the camera that she caught his eye.
"She's pretty cute... it makes me a little bit nervous," he said.
Looks like he might have to buck up his ideas a little if he still wants to impress her!

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