I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

I'm A Celeb's Justin Lacko just confirmed he has feelings for Angie and drops a baby bombshell!

Sparks were flying from the get-go...

By Jess Pullar
There's nothing more romantic than being thrown in a jungle with a dozen other celebrities with no prospect of a decent meal, let alone a long hot shower...
Well, at least for I'm A Celebrity contestants Justin Lacko and Angie Kent there isn't.
In fact, Justin just confirmed he has feelings for Angie, and it's clear he's feeling a little lovesick.
Is that love we see in the jungle air? (Image: Network Ten)
As Angie entered the jungle, Justin immediately appeared smitten, saying: "She's pretty cute... it makes me a little bit nervous."
The feelings appeared to be mutual for the Gogglebox star who said of Justin: "He reminds me of Hercules."
In episode three, all was revealed when Justin told the camera: "Here I am in the African jungle, and it's only going been three days and already one girl's come in and she's caught my eye!"
He then dropped the real bombshell of the show, revealing that he wants to be a young father.
"I have plenty of time to find love, of course, but I don't have plenty of time to find love and have kids," he admitted.
Yikes - things are getting serious quickly!
Justin is more than a little bit lovesick for Angie! (Image: Network Ten)
And that's not the only shock revelation from Justin - in episode two he revealed that Angie reminds him of her ex.
"Which is a little bit scary but it's also a bit cute because I obviously find her very attractive..." he told the camera.
But when he casually dropped in their conversation that he was single, Angie was quick to the mark by imitating Justin: "I'm just single living in New York... living my best life," she joked of the model.
Paid out!
Ah the old twiddling the hair move - a classic flirty signal Angie... (Image: Network Ten)
Now that we mention it, seems Justin also couldn't help putting his best face forward in front of Angie! (Image: Network Ten)
With obvious sparks flying from the get-go, the question begs - will they actually get together?
Keep scrolling as we take a look at how each contestant has fared in the past when it comes to romance!

Who is Justin Lacko?

Touted as an international model, Justin Lacko knows how to charm the ladies. (Image: Instagram)
It's no secret Justin is a ladies man through and through.
With a chiselled jaw line and having mastered the 'blue steel' like no other, the model and reality TV star isn't tough on the eyes, that's for sure.
And his rapport with the ladies is undeniable, having already won over his team captain Jacqui Lambie in the first episode - the controversial politican even went so far as to tell Justin to "share his body" around before he settles down.
With that being said, clearly Angie and Justin would have her blessing!
And as for his former loves - Justin was an exception on last year's Love Island when he failed to hook up with any of the female contestants.
"Maybe I was not masculine enough, not blokey enough, not crude enough," he said at the time.
Following the show, Justin told The Daily Mail that he still wouldn't say no to finding love - even on another reality TV show.
When asked if he would ever consider going on The Bachelor, Justin said: "'I don't know. It's hard to say. I mean never say never."
Perhaps Justin has simply settled on I'm a Celebrity as his reality TV platform for finding the one...
Island life suits Justin... (Image: Instagram)

Who is Angie Kent?

Goggleboxer Angie is a ball of energy. (Image: Instagram)
Known for her killer one-liners and happy-go-lucky personality, Angie is a force to be reckoned with this season.
While many contestants might find the woes of jungle life to be a bit much, we're hedging our bets on Angie to see the bright side.
And while reality TV is clearly her jam, finding romance on one might be a stretch for the blonde Queenslander.
Weighing in on whether she'd ever go on the Bachelorette, Angie previously told The Daily Mail: "I'd never want men carrying on like that around me, especially since I know most of them want to be on the show just so they can pick up chicks once they get the boot."
Woah, we'd be watching out if we were Justin!

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