I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

They get paid how much?! The pay packages of these I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! stars will shock you

The blood sweat and tears aren't for nothing...

By Jess Pullar
The stars of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! don't head into the jungle expecting a walk in the park.
They partake in challenges even the toughest of us would struggle with, living off a restricted diet and battling for even the most basic luxuries. And for what exactly?
Well, we all know the winning celeb will gift $100,000 to their chosen charity - but it seems there might be another not-so-little incentive up for grabs.
As it turns out, on top of the charity prize money each contestant earns a pretty paycheque for their time in the jungle, with reports that the biggest stars can earn up to $400,000!
Dylan Lewis' face looks just like ours did when we saw these figures. (Image: Network 10)
Yep, we'd be putting our hands up for the jungle experience for that amount of cash too!
As for the specific numbers, it seems like the pay packages differ depending on the status of each celebrity. So what are the 2022 cast pulling in?
Well, according to the Daily Mail it's none other than UK import Joey Essex who is making the most bank this season.
Network 10 is rumoured to have paid "upwards of $400,000" to secure the Brit and his "star power", with claims there were even talks of a romance storyline.
"They needed star power and Joey was able to negotiate a three-figure deal upwards of $400,000," a source told the outlet.
As for the romance element, we'll be keeping a close eye on his budding connection with fellow contestant Maria Thattil.
Meanwhile, the publication alleged that AFL legend Nathan Buckley is being paid a whopping $300,000 to appear on I'm A Celeb...
WATCH: I'm A Celeb's Maria Thattil and Joey Essex discuss their plans for kids. Article continues after video...
A Network 10 spokesperson exclusively tells Now To Love: "We don't comment on salaries.
"But we can say that if the celebrities knew what they were in for, they probably would have asked for an extra zero."
Honestly, we would too! But this isn't the first time we've been gifted a peek into the I'm A Celeb... contestant's pay packets.
Last year Woman's Day revealed just how much each of the stars from the 2021 season got paid, including winner Abbie Chatfield.
The former Bachelor beauty took home $100,000 for charity as well as a hefty $50,000 for herself, which happened to be the same amount Paulini, Jack Vidgen and Jess Eva were paid.
Abbie Chatfield was crowned Queen of the Jungle last season. (Image: Network 10)
Some big-name stars got even more cash; Dipper was reportedly paid $90,000 while celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge earned himself a whopping $150,000.
But those figures pale in comparison to what famed cricketer Shane Warne was reportedly paid for his appearance on the show in 2016.
Woman's Day reported the Aussie sportsman pocketed a whopping $2 million for his stint in the jungle!
In his book No Spin, the former pro Aussie cricketer wrote about Network Ten approaching him to star on the show back in 2014: "I scared them off with a figure of two million bucks or nothing," he wrote.
Shane Warne was put through the ringer during his stint on the show! (Images: Network 10)
While he claimed the network declined the counter offer at the time, telling Warne they offered the same budget for everyone, they came back to him two years later.
"[My manager] rang to say we've got the $2 million! Oh sh*t! When you throw a big number out there, you're not really expecting to get it," Warne revealed.
Meanwhile, former contestant Tom Arnold was reportedly offered $425,000 USD for his stint on the show, according to News.com.au. Today, the payment would equate to a whopping $592,200 AUD.
But cash aside, the show isn't exactly all fun and games.
WATCH: Tom Arnold on I'm A Celeb. Story continues below...
With contestants being subject to 100,000 cockroaches, 10,000 fire ants and 120 litres of maggots, not to mention very little food and rather uncomfortable sleeping conditions, we can't blame the contestants for seeking some compensation.
And other celebs have admitted to turning down the hefty pay packs to avoid the pain altogether.
In 2015, gossip columnist Ros Reines wrote in the Daily Telegraph that she was glad she had turned down an offer to be on the show, despite her offer of $30,000 a week.
"I would have folded somewhere between jumping out of a chopper into hippo and croc infested water [and] being introduced to the variety of snakes in the jungle," she wrote.
There's some seriously hard yakka involved on I'm A Celeb. (Image: Network 10)
In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if a number of big-name Aussie stars turned down the show, given what we've seen past contestants go through!
That being said, the show does manage to convince some celebrities to put up with the extremes.
We just hope those shiny pay packages make it all worthwhile.

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