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Bachelor in Paradise’s Helena just dropped a crucial detail from her date with Jake that the producers cut out

''It wouldn't have been appropriate.''
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Helena Sauzier had a pretty cruisey time this year on Bachelor in Paradise.

Well, that’s if you compare it to her whirlwind stint on Matt Agnew’s season of Bachelor in Paradise.

But in an exclusive chat with WHO, the 25-year-old blonde beauty has admitted that there was a romantic moment between herself and Jake Ellis on their date that never made it to air.

How did it feel to watch your elimination last night?

It happened so long ago now. To be honest nothing wild happened for me so I wasn’t too concerned in the first place because I wasn’t really a part of the drama or anything.

You made it to third place on The Bachelor last year but this year seemed a lot more chill. How do you compare your two Bachie experiences?

This season was a lot more relaxed to be honest, most of it was just fun. It’s obviously sad when you realise that there’s no one there for you but I had a great time.

“This season was a lot more relaxed,” Helena tells.

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You and Jake Ellis had a short-lived fling on the show. Is there a part of you that’s sad it didn’t work out and he left to pursue things with his ex Megan Marx?

There was definitely an attraction there, we did bounce off each other really well but I definitely knew that there was something else going on through his mind. Once you know someone else is on their mind, I just kind of clocked off.

Jake and I shared a kiss during and after our date and I guess that wasn’t shown but it wouldn’t have been appropriate considering he was talking about his girlfriend so I understand why.

Have you spoken to Jake since?

Honestly, I’ve contacted him but purely to be like ‘Hope you and Megan are well, I hope it’s all worked out for you.’ I wanted to check with him if Megan would be offended if I posted about us. You just kind of post for the audience so I wanted to make check no one would be offended and he said ‘Thank you so much for reaching out’. They seem to be going well – I’m not sure what’s happening there.

Is there anyone from Paradise you’re still in contact with?

I’m very close with Brittany [Hockley] and we hang out with Jackson [Garlick] quite a bit as well. Tonight I’ll go and watch it with Jackson because he’s walking in tonight. I’ve made some pretty amazing friendships from it and that’s so nice I guess because in lots of past seasons everyone walks away hating each other or resenting each other and it’s definitely not that.

Jamie has been a big talking point this season and some viewers said it was hard to watch him get so anxious and emotional on-screen. What do you make of it all?

It’s quite sad to watch but I think Jamie just gets really emotionally involved in things. He did absolutely love Timm, it’s quite sad to watch!

We’re seeing a few more couples emerge, which ones do you think have the potential to last in the long run?

I think Alisha and Glenn will last for sure and I hope Mary and Conor – that’s a pretty cute love story and I know she’s actually dying to find someone so I really hope that works out as well.

Helena and Jake shared a kiss that never went to air.

(Network Ten)

What’s life looking like for you now, post Paradise?

I moved to Sydney just after filming Bachelor in Paradise which has been amazing. Obviously with corona it hasn’t been great but I’m just back to work and doing a bunch of YouTube stuff with my sister. I might get back on the dating scene now that the show’s over but let’s see how we go.

Would you ever do reality TV again?

Look I would never rule out reality TV as a whole but I don’t think I’d do Paradise again – I think you just do that once and then you walk away!

So could we be seeing you as the Bachelorette?

I mean it would be fun but I don’t know, no I don’t think so.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, WHO.

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