Bachelor in Paradise

EXCLUSIVE: Jake Ellis reveals the one, genuine couple on Bachelor in Paradise he believes will last

''They reminded me of mine and Megan's first date – it just felt real.''

By Jess Pullar
If he wasn't quite sure what he wanted from life seven months ago, Jake Ellis certainly knows now.
The two-time Bachelor in Paradise reality star made a sensational exit from the show last night by subtly reminding every fellow contestant (and frankly, everyone in Australia) that love is no game.
He well and truly proved his point by declaring that he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend and fellow Bachie alum Megan Marx - before riding off into the Fijian sunset to tell her.
Yes, there were absolute scenes as the show came to a head at the rose ceremony on Wednesday evening.
Throughout his short, four-episode stint, we saw Ellis, 30, engage in several mediocre attempts to find a spark with one of season three's glorious bachelorettes, to no avail.
In fact, the weathered Bachie bloke quickly took up the mantle as the show's resident wise-guy - quickly calling out the so called 'friendship roses' as BS (for the record, they guarantee the safety of contestants, despite a distinct lack of spark in the romance department).
Jake Ellis sensationally confessed his love for ex-girlfriend Megan Marx as he left the show. (Instagram)
You could almost sense his frustration.
In his first stint on the show back in 2018, Jake fell hard and fast for Megan Marx after date one (when you know, you know amiright?), so to see his castmates throw their roses about willy-nilly was undoubtedly frustrating for him.
Which brings us back to the rose ceremony, where Jake took the ultimate stand before Osher.
"Osher, I think I need to say something..." he told the iconic host.
Cue popcorn, wide eyes, shoved crumbs in mouth.
"I've been in Paradise before, I did find love, it did work for me," he continued.
"The rose ceremony definitely does mean something to me. I don't want to receive a friendship rose, I don't want to receive a rose that doesn't mean what it means to me.
"I feel like there's few people that are taking it easy rather than taking a shot, and the worst thing that can happen is that someone's left the battle for you.
"If you don't feel a connection that's fine, but don't do it at the expense of not giving yourself a chance and not exploring something, because otherwise you're just wasting your own time being here."
Well that's a statement and a half. Drops mic.
The stirring statement was no doubt a jarring reminder to the remaining island residents - everyone looked quite shocked at first, then understanding as Jake announced he was going to try and give things another go with Megan.
The sentiment was felt widely across Australia as the episode went to air, and as Jake woke up to the morning after the bombshell night before, there's no signs of regret.
Now to Love chatted to the ballsy bloke about the moment, about the remaining couples and contestants and, of course, what happened with Megan.
Are they together now? Jake gives his answer. (Instagram)
Now To Love: Jake, good on you for standing up and bringing a breath of fresh air to the show. How did you get the guts to do it?
Jake: Honestly, last night was such a whirlwind. I've been getting a lot of love [since the show aired].
It's such a difference because in season one I was Jake the Snake, but this time round it's obviously a few years later and I've grown up a bit.
The turning point for me was the date with Helena. By comparison, my date with Megan [in season one] was fireworks, but I didn't feel anything like that.
It just made me think of Megan more and think about what I did have. I realised that there was something left for me there.
And obviously we all want to know, what happened with Megan after you left Fiji?
Well as soon as I got back to Australia I reached out to her and we had a dinner date.
Look, I wish I had some bigger news but it's very much a 'see what happens' thing - we've still been spending time together though.
We also watched last night's episode together - but we're just taking it as it comes.
We've done this before and made mistakes in the relationship so there's a lot of things going on in life at the moment that I need to work through and deal with.
Jake says he's grown up since filming season one of Bachie in Paradise. (Network Ten)
What's it like having Megan back in your life?
We've always remained friends, and never any malice. We still have a lot of love for each other and she was there with me when I lost my mum.
And now my dad's really unwell now so I'm going through that and again, she's still here for me.
We're intrigued to know - why did you choose to go back to Paradise again if you were still in love with Megan?
At the time I thought I'd always have love for her, but when [Channel Ten] did ask if I wanted to be a part of it again we'd been broken up for some time.
I made it clear from the start that [going on the show] could go one of two ways. I could find love or, it might remind me of what I have – and I called that out to them.

So tell us about the current Bachie couples - who do you reckon will go the distance?
I think watching it back everyone in the country will say they're a big fan of Glenn and Alisha – their first date last night reminded me of mine and Megan's first date – it just felt real and wasn't staged.
I haven't come up with a nickname for them yet and I don't know what happens between them but it seems real.
As for Timm and Britt – they're very cute. What you see on the show is really how they were. I spent a lot of time talking to Britt there and she was really enjoying herself.
We totally understand why you're very anti-friendship rose, but what if someone's new love is yet to enter Paradise and they get to meet them because the rose let them hang around longer?
I do understand it, they're hoping that someone might come in - but that person might never come in. Paradise is such a short time. So by sitting around hoping someone comes in, by the time they do it might be too late and you've strung someone along or hurt them.
Like, if I was giving you a rose just to stick around, at some point someone is going to get hurt.

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