Bachelor in Paradise

SPOILER ALERT! The proof Alisha and Glenn are the only remaining couple from Bachelor In Paradise

At least there's one poster couple from the series!

By Bella Brennan
It's the love story that gave us hope this season of Bachelor In Paradise.
After a false start on season two of BIP with Jules Bourne, Alisha Aitken-Radburn, 26, has found her happily ever after with Glenn Smith, 32.
After their first fateful meeting and that steamy massage date, the pair's chemistry was instant.
And it's now been revealed the BIP duo are still together months on from filming and are very much in love.
The first clue came months ago, after some eagle-eyed sleuthing and a very compelling investigation over on fan account @Bachiefunny, who pointed out that in a promo trailer for the season finale, a man in a blue jacket can be seen embracing a blonde woman.
There's no denying the blurry silhouettes certainly look like Glenn and Alisha, while a male voice that sounds just like the handsome blonde says: "From the moment she walked in, I was in love with her."
According to @Bachiefunny, Glenn and Alisha are the last-remaining couple from the entire season. Which means Kiki Morris and Ciaran Stott have allegedly called it quits.
But the spoiler hasn't come for lack of trying to hide it - in another coy move to try and throw viewers off the scent, Glenn and co-star Renee Barrett acted out a flirt fest on social media in a bid to deflect from the truth.
Fans had a little stalk back through Glenn and Renee's Instagram accounts and found some very interesting comments the pair wrote on June 11.
Renee commented on a photo Glenn uploaded of his identical twin brother Neil, with the caption: "Love love love 😘😘"
Glenn then replied to Renee's comment: "@reneejbarrett counting down the days until the borders open 😉", to which Renee responded, "@glennsmith87 shouldn't be long now 😉".
You've got to applaud their commitment, but we see straight through it!
According to Perth Now, Sydney-based Alisha has also relocated to Glenn's hometown of Perth.
It's believed the couple have been together for around nine months.
In another telling clue, neither have appeared in any photos together since the show wrapped in October and don't follow each other on social media.
We reckon we're onto a winner here - and in a few days, we're pretty certain all will be confirmed!
Alisha has reportedly relocated from Sydney to Perth to live with Glenn. (Image: Channel 10)