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When you know, you know: The pictures that sum up Glenn and Alisha’s perfect Paradise romance

Sparks were flying left, right, and centre.
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We won’t deny there is some troubling behaviour on Bachelor in Paradise, but there is still one couple who’ve provided us with a reason to believe that people actually find love on these shows.

Yep, Glenn and Alisha are the real deal, and we couldn’t help but relive some of their best moments from the show that brought them together.

From the second intruder Alisha Aitken-Radburn made her entrance on Paradise, she had her sights on one man only – Glenn Smith.

Within moments, the pair swiftly set off for a one-on-one date, during which time they quickly surmised that they were indeed very into each other.

The rest, as they say, is history – and throughout the remainder of the season, we witnessed the pair embark on a journey of loved-up bliss.

And what a blissful history they are making as the couple got engaged in October 2021, and they revealed the exciting news on their Instagram stories.

Alisha, who had recently celebrated her 29th birthday showed an up-close look at her diamond sparkler.

“Had to give you a bit of a closer look before some celebratory bubbles with the boys,” the BIP bride-to-be captioned a short video.

“@glennsmith87’s been working away sneakily with @saphiradiamonds, I was so surprised and did not think this was in his thoughts quite yet (though may have popped a few ring notes in his iPhone notes…)”

She added: “It matches my ring from Paradise, just so special.”

To celebrate their romance for what it was – and to hope for the best for their future – we take a look back at their best moments on Paradise and the road to love they’ve taken together.

Bachelor In Paradise

The golden reality television couple shared this picture to celebrate their two year anniversary.

Alisha captioned the sunny picture, “Two incredible years with you @glennsmith87.”


Bachelor In Paradise

“Wedding planning is so fun. You’re basically planning the best and biggest party SO please share with me something about your wedding that you loved that was a bit different, that really made the day and something that you’d do differently looking back,” Alisha captioned this engagement ring snap.


Bachelor In Paradise

The sparkler has put a glint in Alisha’s eyes.

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From the moment they locked eyes on each other, Glenn and Alisha may as well have morphed into J-Lo and A-Rod – it was very clear these two were going to give things a red hot go on the show.

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They quickly drummed up a fan club, even with some cast mates sharing their thoughts on the real connection these two shared.

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In an interview with Now To Love, fellow cast mate Jake Ellis, who left Paradise to pursue his own relationship with Megan Marx, said: “Their first date last night reminded me of mine and Megan’s first date – it just felt real and wasn’t staged.”

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Get someone who looks at you the way Glenn looks at Alisha… for real.


Their chemistry was undeniable, but the pair also brought a refreshingly pure portrayal of real love amongst the show’s ~drama~.


They were falling for each other before our very eyes – literally.

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When the pair met each other’s families towards the end of Paradise, it seemed their relationship was a done deal.

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Despite Alisha’s slight fear she might get confused with Glenn’s near-identical twin brother…

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Now all to forever!

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Glenn Smith from Bachelor in Paradise jokes about how no one knows who he is

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