Bachelor in Paradise

A telling clue suggests Glenn actually proposes to Alisha in the Bachelor in Paradise grand finale and our hearts can't take the cuteness

No heartbreak here!

By Erin Doyle
Even before season three of Bachelor in Paradise kicked off this year, Network Ten teased that lasting love would be found, with one loved-up reality star seemingly putting a ring on it.
Of course, theories ran wild from the start that the finale wouldn't feature an actual proposal, but instead, the exchanging of commitment rings.
But now that the season has almost completely played out, fans are convinced the couple involved in the romantic moment is none other that Glenn Smith and Alisha Aitken-Radburn.
The smitten stars fell head over heels for one another almost immediately after locking eyes in Paradise.
Despite the footage of the Paradise "proposal" being blurry, viewers are convinced it still looks like the couple.
Some fans have pointed out the red nail polish on the hand is similar to the hue that Alisha has worn in recent episodes.
Others have claimed the male figure's suit looks suspiciously like one Glenn has been seen wearing.
Anyone else notice the uncanny blue suit? (Network Ten)
But it is Alisha's ex, Jules Bourne, who has the most convincing evidence.
Jules briefly dated Alisha last year in Bachelor in Paradise and he is convinced that it is Alisha and Glenn in the promo.
"I'm kind of mad at Channel Ten because I feel like they've spoiled it already," Jules previously told the So Dramatic! podcast of the finale.
"Like in the promos that I've seen with the engagement ring on the finger - if that is not Glenn and Alisha proposing to each other, I will eat my hat."
Seriously, these two are melting our hearts. (Network Ten)
Meanwhile, eagled-eyed viewers have previously spotted a detail that many may have missed at first glance.
While footage shows an unknown man slipping a ring on the finger of a mystery woman, fans have pointed out that it's not actually the traditional engagement ring finger.
"The old 'wrong finger' trick," commented one fan, while another questioned whether an engagement will occur in reality, writing, "With a ring on an index finger? Doubtful."
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Is it or isn't it? All will be revealed... (Network Ten)