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"Who in the heck is Glenn?" The Bachelor In Paradise cast member who *almost* slipped under the radar

Turns out he's quite the character...

By Jess Pullar
When the full cast list for Bachelor in Paradise Australia was announced, fans were in various states of glee as many a beloved name from seasons gone by were revealed.
There was the vibrant Mary Viturino of Matt Agnew's season, sassy Brittany Hockley who was one half of the Honey Badger's infamous rejection, the doted over Timm Hanley who was left heartboken by Angie Kent, and even Jake Ellis, whose forays with former contestants since appearing on Georgia Love's season have been splattered across many a headline.
But between all of the familiar faces came one Glenn Smith - tall, blonde and undeniably handsome, yes.
As for who he actually was and what season of the Bachie franchise he previously starred on? That was anyone's guess.
Fans of Paradise seemed to reflect the sentiment felt by many when the cast was announced.
One wrote on Instagram, "Ok but who in the heck is Glenn?"
Another one added: "I also have no idea who Glenn is? Cameraman maybe? Lol".
The lad seemed to take the apparent ignorance on the chin, sharing the comments to his Instagram story for a lol.
Anyone else relate? (Instagram)
In fact, the Perth-based babe was so amused by everyone's apparent ignorance that he even went so far as to create his own Bachie Rewind.
Sharing a clip on Instagram with his best flashback moments from his stint on The Bachelorette, the video featured a solid top five.
Thrilling highlights included: "Glenn tells a joke".
Cutting to a clip from the mansion, Glenn quips: "I'll let you boys go on the hens party, I'll be walking down the aisle".
His corker one-liner was met with a satisfying "Ohhhhh!" from the men of the mansion.
Another momentous great for Glenn was number three in his self-made highlight reel: "Glenn orders a drink".
The seconds long snippet features a number of the Bachie boys at a cocktail party (squinting to see Glenn here, to be fair), when his voice is audibly heard requesting a "spiced rum and coke".
Utterly groundbreaking.
You have to hand it to the bloke - he certainly seems well aware of what he's getting himself in for.
But all jokes aside, who actually is this blonde stallion?
Well, it turns out he's quite the package.
He clearly likes dogs which is a great start. (Instagram)

Who is Glenn Smith from Bachelor In Paradise?

A refrigeration mechanic from WA, Glenn first appeared on Angie Kent's 2019 season of The Bachelorette, where he initially wooed the Queenslander with a drawing of her created by an artist pal of his.
"I just wanted to give you a little gift to remember your little journey on here," he told Angie.
Sadly enough, the small gesture might have gone down as his most defining moment, because he stayed pretty well under the radar for the rest of his time in the mansion.
He was eventually eliminated in episode six due to lack of a connection with Angie - a sad loss too given it was probably the first time we'd really noticed him and, well... damn.
Glenn was let go by Angie in the 2019 season of The Bachelorette. (Instagram)

Who is Glenn's twin brother?

In another rather sweet revelation, Glenn also has a lookalike twin brother reigning from his home city of Perth, Neil.
Speaking to Perth Now in 2019, Glenn said Neil is his "best mate".
"We do everything together, he's that sounding board, we talk nearly every day, we live together ... I couldn't imagine life without him honestly ... I've been so lucky to have a brother that close to you."

So while we mightn't have got to see much of Glenn in his first reality TV stint, we're sure as heck excited to cop another eyeful of Glenn as he tries his luck in Paradise.
And all else failing, at least we can follow both he and his twin for double the perving joy.
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