A definitive list of every man who leaves without a rose on The Bachelorette

[Whispers like Osher]: "Please take the time now to say goodbye...''

By Anita Lyons
Season five of The Bachelorette is almost over and fan-favourite Angie Kent is down to her final two.
On Thursday's episode, we'll see who she chooses as her beloved.
Will it be the curly-haired BFG and fireproofer Timm Hanly, whose effervescent energy constantly makes Angie laugh?
Or is it the gorgeous PT Carlin Sterritt, who is sensible, handsome and about "two per cent funny".
But before we reach the final decision (and as with all the loved-up journeys of seasons past), each episode, we watched as one-by-one, Angie bid farewell to one or more of the contestants.
"You did not receive a rose," host Osher Günsberg would whisper to those who'd lost.
"Please take your time to say goodbye."
The Bachelorette class of 2019. (Source: Network Ten)
So before she makes her final decision, let's take a trip down memory lane and see who didn't win Angie's heart...