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Which Bachelor in Paradise couples from 2019 are actually still together?

How many of last year's matches lasted beyond the gates of Paradise?
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Cast your mind back to season two of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired on our screens last year.

It was a simpler time back then. A time when love squares between Richie Strahan, Rachael Gouvignon, Cass Wood and Cat Henesey-Smith, were still a thing, plus there was a love triangle between Alex Nation, Bill Goldsmith and Florence Moerenhout.

There were short-lived romances (R.I.P Paddy Colliar and Alisha Aitken-Radburn) and walk-outs of epic proportions – cya, Brooke Blurton and Jimmy Trethewie.

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And with a brand new season of Bachelor in Paradise set to air on our screens soon, let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how many of the couple from last year’s season managed to make their romance last in the real world.

Did any of the relationships forged in Fiji make it beyond Paradise?

Keep on scrolling to find out.

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Bachelor in Paradise

The cast of Bachelor in Paradise 2019. (Source: Network Ten)

Cass Wood and Richie Strahan: Over!

Cass Wood has earned herself quite the reputation since starring on Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor.

In fact, when introducing herself to camera upon entering paradise, the 24-year-old joked: “Hi, I’m Cass … and I was the stage-five clinger from Nick’s season of The Bachelor.”

And for her second round in the Bachie-verse, Cass set her sights on a new man – former Bachelor, Richie.

The genetically-blessed couple seemed to be going splendidly, spending a lot of time together on the show, frolicking on paddle boards and a lot of, umm, just being all over each other.

Cass Wood and Richie Strahan on the set of Bachelor in Paradise. (Source: Network Ten)

But it wasn’t meant to be, as Richie chose to leave Paradise in a shock decision without Cass, who then chose to leave as well.

However, she wasn’t single for long. The Manly local soon found love with a very handsome male companion – Warringah Rugby club player, Tyson Davis.

Cass took to Instagram to share a sexy snap of her and Tyson. (Source: Instagram/casswood)

Cass and Tyson are still together. (Source: Instagram/@tysondavis)

Cass actually announced her relationship with Tyson just after her final episode of Bachelor in Paradise aired last year, revealing the pair had once dated before, several years ago.

“But the beginning of the rest of my life. Ok… Yes it may seem like Bachelor in Paradise was a little like deja vu for me, but the intensity of both those experiences and any pain I felt is all worth it since having this guy walk back in to my life at the most perfect time. And yes I say ‘back’ into my life, as we met back in 2017 😱 I can gladly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. And I’m so grateful for all of you for being so supportive and protective of me. My heart is so full ❤️

“And Oi guys guess what… the ‘dream journal’ was right, I wanted to meet my soul mate when I was 23… and guess what I met him at 23 😂😂😈😈[sic]”

Tyson and Cass are still going strong, after 18 months of dating.

Alex Nation and Bill Goldsmith: Done!

Thanks to some very sneaky pap photos, Alex and Bill’s romance was indeed confirmed to be going strong once they’d left Paradise.

Now to Love first revealed that a “love triangle” had formed between Bill, Alex and Florence Moerenhout, but as we soon discovered, Bill and Alex only had eyes for each other.

While being careful not to tag each other in stories and pictures, it was pretty obvious the pair were hanging out – especially when Alex took to her Insta story in these pants:

Alex’s very bold pants in the morning… (Source: Instagram/@alexandranation)

And then that night, Bill shared a photo of a dinner for two, where those pants made an appearance in the background by his dinner guest.

Those are some bold pants… (Source: Instagram/@bill.michael.goldsmith)

But earlier this year, a local publication confirmed the couple had split and it was anything but amicable.

In the final tell-all reunion episode of Bachelor in Paradise, we finally learnt the truth behind the split.

While Bill decided not to attend the reunion, Alex sat on the couch (with a cardboard cut-out) and revealed that Bill had told her he didn’t love her anymore via a text message, before becoming distant.

“We came back from paradise and it was good for three weeks and he told me that he didn’t love me and that I suppose, we couldn’t be together, and that he thinks it was the environment that made him fall in love with me,” she said.

“I find it really hard to talk about him when he’s not here, I wish he was here so we could go through this together.”

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While Alex didn’t drag Bill through the mud, a very reliable Bachie source told Now to Love that Alex had then found out that Bill was “texting heaps of chick’s DMs and she was getting sent heaps as well.”

And according to our source, Bill was also obsessed with “getting famous and asking Alex all the time about getting a manager”.


Bill, on the other hand took to social media (again) to talk about their journey together.

“My time in @bachelorinparadiseau was perfect, I met so many different people and fell madly in love with @alexandranation, which ultimately was why I went to Fiji in the first place.

“I felt something when we first chatted, I felt something with that magical first kiss in the pouring rain.”

“Post the show we both went through some amazing highs and some big lows, and ultimately it just wasn’t the right timing for us.

“You are one of a kind Alex, you don’t take bullsh-t from anyone and you know what is right. You are loving, compassionate, caring and when I see you with your son Elijah you are complete. I wish you nothing but love and happiness, and I’ll always have such fond memories of our time together in Fiji.

“Much love for all the support I’ve had from so many random people, spread love and happiness ✌🏽🙏”

Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Jules Bourne: Splitsville

Look, they’re no Tara and Sam pre-hectic break-up, but they’ll do.

And as Alisha said during a rocky patch in her relationship with Jules: “Compared to some people in Paradise, we look like Romeo and Juliet.”

So we guess there’s that!

“When I watched Jules on his season of Bachelorette I really thought he was… a real weirdo, to be honest. But from the very first moment I met him, I sort of just clicked with him, and I think that there could be something really exciting and special there,” Alisha said in an interview.

Jules also shared the same sentiment and during their first date mused: “This is amazing! At the moment, this is the best date I’ve ever been on.”

Jules and Alisha seem pretty smitten with one another. (Source: Network Ten)

During the reunion tell-all, Alisha revealed the status of the pair – even disclosing that they had been dating in secret since filming wrapped.

In fact, the pair not only spoke every single day, but they were also hooking up.

Yet Alisha finally closed the door on the relationship during the reunion episode, explaining the confusing nature of their relationship got to her.

“I have seen Jules outside of Paradise and I have not let go. And that hope remains,” she said.

“Jules has a habit of sort of dangling the carrot with me.”

“When you kiss me in Byron Bay. When you sleep over at my house. And we’re back there and we’re together. Then you tell me it’s a comfort thing,” Alisha explained to Jules.

“How you and I ended in Paradise, I didn’t want to ghost you, never speak to you again or have things end bitter.

“I need some sort of line or some sort of closure. I was in love with you and I need something. Some sort of line. That’s going to let me get past this.

“Sometimes you have to be like, OK, this is a cycle. It’s going to continue and actually I’m the only person who can change this,” she said.

“So, I’m going to change it and this is my night for closure.”

WATCH BELOW: The moment Alisha tells Jules it’s over! Post continues after the video…

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Shannon Baff and Connor J. Obrochta: Over and out!

After scoring the first date on her season of the The Bachelor with Nick Cummins, Shannon cemented herself as a firm favourite of the franchise.

So when she entered the gates of Paradise, we only wanted the best for her.

During her time in Fiji, we saw her dabble in the likes of “James Trethewie and a minor hiccup with Davey Lloyd, but then the blonde pocket rocket had her eye one man and one man only: professional US baseball player Connor J. Obrochta.

They were fun, flirty and look super good together – but that all ended once they left the gates of paradise.

Shannon Baff and Connor J. Obrochta seem pretty happy in one another’s company. (Source: Network Ten)

While Shannon shared A LOT of content with Connor to her gram, the US resident didn’t share ONE photograph from the show on his page, let alone of his love interest.

Soon, Shannon confirmed what we already knew – the pair were no longer. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she wrote:

“Here I go. I’m sorry I haven’t got back to everyone earlier. Myself and Connor are not together, we spent one day after Paradise together, outside the whirlwind environment.

“I got home, we continued to talk and planned to see each other again but after a week I felt as if the effort to make that happen was not reciprocated and the communication was becoming one-sided.

“I struggled in Paradise because my feelings towards Connor were so genuine and real – with everything constantly changing it brought out a raging anxiety for me because I was so afraid of being hurt – it really is hard to tally whose genuine and not in that environment. I am so thankful for my experience and that I had the opportunity to meet Connor and feel what I felt.

The 25-year-old Melbourne local bought herself a van called “Poppy” and spent her time after paradise ” travelling around Australia being the best version” of herself, for herself.

“I am happier and more fulfilled than ever- my days are filled with everything that fuels my soul and makes me smile😊”

Shannon took to Instagram to share that she and Connor were over. (Source: Instagram/shannonbaff)

Connor on the other hand, revealed a lot during a post-Paradise interview with Now to Love.

He revealed that Shannon found it difficult to “open up in that environment” and that is why he decided they should leave together.

When we asked if he “ghosted” her, he replied: “Ghosted is the word that keeps coming up. I don’t like to use the word “ghosted”, I think it’s a very one-sided term, it’s a very hurtful term.

“To be completely honest, when we left Fiji we were promised a couple of days with each other outside of the Paradise resort so that we could really have that time we could spend with each other.

“Moving forward, we didn’t have that time and they kind of shipped us out on the first flight in the morning and moving forward it has just been a tough time, and [difficult] to get out and see each other because of where we left off.

“I’m not the type of person to just get on a flight for whatever type of connection we had, it was a pretty big connection, but it just wasn’t what I needed it to be. So it was difficult for me.”

Shannon and Connor’s versions of events differ like chalk and cheese, but one thing is for sure – they are well and truly over.

Caroline Lunny and Alex Bordyukov: Done and dusted

With all of the drama from the rest of the cast during last year’s season, it was hard to keep up with a couple that is a) never on screen and b) from a whole other country.

And while we hardly saw them, US Bachelor Nation expats Caroline Lunny and Alex Bordyukov had certainly created something special.

You may know Alex as the guy who fought Alex Nation for Brooke Blurton’s affections – but Florida-based Caroline (temporarily) won his heart.

Caroline hails from Season 22 of The Bachelor (US) with Arie Luyendyk Jr, who ended up dumping his winner for the runner-up in a “Blake Garvey-esque” disaster.

Alex, who was on Season 13 of The Bachelorette (US), is a model and all-round hot guy from Michigan.

Caroline and Alex shared their first kiss after almost a month of dating, with Alex revealing that he likes to “take his time” in a relationship.

The pair admitted their feelings for one another and ended up leaving Paradise early to be together.

Once the pair headed back home to the US, they enjoyed a relationship, however decided to remain great friends.

Caroline shared a series of pics on her Instagram of their relationship. (Source: Network Ten)

“Paradise is all over!” Caroline wrote in an Instagram post in which she shared videos and photos of the pair.

“I have nothing but love, trust, & respect for this man. I enjoyed every second of my time with this hunky weirdo.

“Alex is unapologetically himself, brutally honest, and drives me completely bananas sometimes. He has the biggest heart, & I would trust him with my life. He’s the guy who brought me breakfast in bed every single morning, kissed my forehead, & respected me like no man ever has before. He would almost tackle me to make sure he was walking on the outside of the sidewalk— so in the event a car comes crashing towards us, he could protect me & the car would hit him first (lol it’s some old-school gentleman thing my nana told me years ago to keep an eye out for, but I never actually saw anyone do until Alex).”

“Lol thanks to everyone who supported us, showed us the love, & “shipped” this 😂. We gave it a fair shot!! He’s not my person, but we’re still good friends!”

Good on them!

Florence Moerenhout and Davey Lloyd: Defs not together

Florence Moerenhout and Davey Lloyd finally had their chance at love.

After Davey was unceremoniously sent packing in the first week of this season, Florence arrived – which seemed a little too coincidental.

On last year’s BIP, Florence chose Jake Ellis over Davey – which was her biggest regret. Like all good Paradise fairytales, the decision ended in disaster when Jake chose Megan Marx over Flo.

Then a full year later, Davey was back in the arms of Flo … but it was never meant to be.

In an exclusive interview with Davey, the construction worker told Now to Love that he was in a relationship and then confirmed his new love during the tell-all reunion special and then again on Instagram.

Davey Lloyd and his new girlfriend, Georgia. (Source: Instagram/DaveyLloyd)

A source very close to the show revealed to Now to Love that Davey had actually been seeing Georgia before entering Paradise, a report he has since denied.

During the reunion ep, Davey confirmed that his new lady love was “his future” and will be “the mother of my kids”.

“I had a connection with Georgia when I was here [before the show]. I did have feelings for Georgia massively,” he continued.

“The one thing I was looking for was that instant attraction with someone and infatuation and I had that, and I do believe it was definitely love at first sight and it wasn’t tainted going on the show.”

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Nathan Favro and Tenille Favios: “Friend-zoned”

The path to “Tenathan” was a rocky one – mostly in the form of human body roller Ivan Krslovic.

And while they decided to commit to each other beyond the gates of Paradise, in the tell-all reunion special, Tenille confessed Nathan had “friend-zoned” her via text a week later.

“It was shocking, it was confusing, it was upsetting. I felt foolish,” she said, tearing up.

“We spoke for a week and he was sending me ‘xx’ in text messages at the end, kiss emojis and ”miss you can’t wait to see you”. He even invited me to Byron.

“Within 24 hours I was told I was seen as a friend. It was just such a difference to me from Paradise, to the affection I was shown, to the things that were said at the commitment ceremony.”

She added, “Like, I had the red flags. I kept telling myself and him, ‘I just don’t think you like me!’, but he just kept telling me everything that I wanted to hear.”

WATCH NEXT: Tenille Favios breaks down talking about Nathan Favro

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Tenille and Nathan shared a very passionate kiss in Paradise. (Source: Network Ten)

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And it wasn’t only Tenille who gave Nathan a blasting.

Rachael Gouvignon took aim at the 24-year-old, accusing him for being on the show for fame.

“Nathan wanted to get as far along as possible to get to the end because he got paid every day,” she said. “You get more Instagram followers if you make it to the end, we all know that.”

Before saying: “Last year, I felt that people were a lot more serious about being in an actual committed relationship outside of Paradise.” and we couldn’t agree more!


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