Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise' Paddy Colliar's heartfelt apology after THOSE comments about Brooke and Alex

''I didn't mean anything by it at all.''

By Anita Lyons
Bachelor in Paradise's Paddy Colliar has made waves overnight after some controversial comments left fans furious on Tuesday's episode.
Now, the 28-year-old has taken to his Instagram story with a heartfelt apology, admitting that he understands why it was wrong.
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During Tuesday's episode, Alex Nation chose Brooke Blurton for a one-on-one date in an unprecedented scene.
While all of the men reacted with shock and let's face it, excitement, it was Paddy who took it just that little bit too far with his "outdated" and "misogynistic" reaction.
"Absolutely hectic, man. I'd love to be a fly on the wall between those two," he said with a wolf whistle.
"Hopefully there's oil and, like, massages involved.
"And we watch it back. That's hot. That's actually hot. You can pause live TV now, so I would LOVE to pause it on that. Mate, I'm just tellin' it how it is. We're all thinking it."
Paddy made some controversial comments on Tuesday's episode. (Source: Network Ten)
Fans were quick to point out his "unwelcomed" comments.
" very gross and no, absolutely not ~everyone~ was thinking they would like to fetishise the two women going on a date? Get in the sea fam it's literally right there," one Twitter user wrote.
"Thats not how it is, women aren't there for your amusement paddy.." another said.
Now, the reality star has taken to his Insta story with a video apology.
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"Hey guys, I just want to take this time to obviously formally apologise for last night's comments. I understand that it did hurt a lot of people and for that I am sorry," he told his 24.9k following.
"I didn't mean anything by it at all. I have nothing against the lesbian community or the gay community, I think everyone should be treated equally."
"It was a little bit of banter between myself - obviously I've got no filter, we all know that and I didn't intend to hurt anyone."
Paddy received severe backlash for his outdated comments on Bachelor in Paradise last night. (Source: Instagram/Paddy Colliar)
Paddy then followed the apology by revealing some intense backlash he has received, including death threats.
"I understand what I said was hurtful but I don't think anyone deserves those comments getting thrown at them. So I am strong minded,and I am going to shake it off. But you've gotta understand this is TV and everyone knows how TV works and it is heavily, heavily edited. So things may not be what they seem.
"Having nasty things said about you can really affect someone's mentality and you know what, it can affect their life to.
"So be careful what you say about someone and who you say it to, because you never know what they're going through."
Well said, Paddy!