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EXCLUSIVE PICS: Bachelor in Paradise's Cat Henesy-Smith’s new love REVEALED

''We’re moving in together!''

By Anita Lyons
Bachelor in Paradise's Cat Henesy-Smith has been labelled a "villain", a "mean girl" and her pet-hate - "Cat from Bali".
But in reality, the real girl behind these personas is far from who we see on our TV screens.
When she stormed out of Paradise on Thursday's episode, viewers were quick to attack the 26-year-old.
"Cat runs off because she wasn't getting any attention and it's obviously all about her," one tweet read.
But it was when she said: "I don't get why people don't like me" to the cameras, it was obvious that she was deeply hurt.
Just like any other woman in her twenties, she was just looking for someone to love.
Cat Henesy-Smith on the set of Bachelor in Paradise. (Source: Network Ten)
During an exclusive interview with Now to Love, Cat revealed that she thought going on BIP would be the end to her single days – as finding someone who had been "through the show's process" would be the best match.
But in a very bizarre turn of events, after filming had wrapped, Cat found love in the most unexpected way.
After leaving Nick's season, the Brisbane native was trolled heavily on social media, even receiving multiple death threats.
"Anything you could imagine, was said to me," Cat revealed. "I couldn't go out, I couldn't go out to bars because I'd have groups of guys and girls gang up on me and laugh at me."
"That's actually how…I can't believe I'd forgotten this detail of how I met my boyfriend, Todd," she revealed.
Cat and her new love, Todd. (Source: Supplied)
"We were at a group lunch and we went out afterwards and a group of guys ganged up on me and started abusing me at a bar in Brisbane and I broke down and burst into tears. My boyfriend, Todd, was the only one who stood up for me.
"He took me outside and fully had my back and it was just awesome and really helped me in dealing with that process."
So what's next for her and Todd?
"I'm happy to just travel with him, we've actually just signed a lease together and we're going to be living with each other and so it's pretty serious, and I just want to have fun with him.
"Then hopefully when we get to that stage, we'll settle down."
Todd has his own landscaping business, which fits in well with Cat, who runs her own jewellery design company – Style by Henesy.
Cat and Todd both have the same goals and small businesses. (Source: Supplied)
This new and exciting love is a far-cry from the island of Fiji, where she said: "It's absolutely humiliating standing there waiting for a guy to pick you."
What single girl can't relate to that?!
"That does happen in real life," she said.
"Like, you're waiting for a message or you get played around. It's just like you're standing there wondering if you're good enough."
Cat added: "It's a lot more mentally challenging and when you're standing there for a long period of time going 'holy sh--, am I not good enough? Am I pretty? Am I not skinny enough? What do I need to change about myself?' All these things go through your head. "
"It's mentally draining and it's awful – it comes down to more than getting a rose."
*Bachelor in Paradise continues on Tuesday at 7.30pm on Network Ten*

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